Track & School Day

The first MotoEvolution Racing School track & school days event takes place between May 28-29, 2016!
For registration:

This weekend is addressed both to those who come for school and to those who want to go on the circuit, train and participate in races.
Yes, you read that right, racing!

The event will have 3 races on Sunday without scoring in any championship, two for advanced (SSP and SBK), and one for beginners (both classes).

The pilots will be divided into 3 groups according to the times, the declared skills, and the occupancy rate of the groups, and then redistributed according to reality (we hope it is not the case to fool each other, it’s about everyone’s safety) .

Rules for riders and motorcycles are mandatory (those who do not comply with these rules will not take part in this event, even if they pay in advance – will receive the money back) Example of rules: tires with DOT not older than 2012 with or without profile , but in a very good condition and with witnesses in sight; leather coveralls with protections (in one or two pieces); helmet in good condition, without accentuated signs of wear, cracks or other defects; motorcycle boots (not boots); leather gloves; column protection; the mirrors must be removed from the motorcycle, as well as the registration number; headlight off and covered, etc. – rules valid on all circuits, and which are imposed for the safety of all participants !!

Participation fees:
For school: 250 euros, for the whole event, includes school and circuit fee.

Circuit fee: 130 euros for the pilot (transponder included). Notice the expression for the rider and not for the motorcycle. If 2 riders want to share the same motorcycle, we have nothing against it, the fee is paid for the rider.

These costs are valid until May 12. After this date, track days will cost 170 euros, and school 280 euros (if there are still places).

The school will, in turn, include three groups, those with advanced skills, intermediate and beginners. Our instructors will deal with the following: Draghici Emil – advanced; Dan Vargolici – advanced, intermediate and beginner; Victor Nemes – middle and beginners. In this way we emphasize that each group will have a maximum of 5 students, so the number of participants in the school is limited.

What do we do at school?
Highlights that will be followed throughout the course:
– the purpose of the lesson is to know the available circuit, in detail;
– the turns will be explained to the participants, depending on their complexity;
– gaze guidance,
– position on the motorcycle,
– leg position.
– choice of route,
– braking points,
– points of inclination,
– hanging-off (how to do it? Why do it? How not to do it?),
– braking (danger, pressure build-up, apex braking),
– exit the turn,
– avoiding highsider,
– setting the chassis,
– psychological training.

“The participant must not be faster, but better! A better pilot is bound to be faster. What’s the point of being faster if you don’t see the finish line? ” – Roland Debschütz

So, another weekend for which you don’t have to schedule, because you have a schedule!
All this, as well as other surprises, are waiting for you at the right place and on the right date!

For registrations: or 0741105015

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