Calendario Salva il mondo

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Project carried out with class 3C of the Pagnacco Comprehensive Institute – Martignacco (Udine)


Deepen the concept of sustainable development

Make sure that pupils and teachers are protagonists

Reflect on the importance of the choices and actions of the individual

Create a communication tool

What and how

The project, which took place in the 2019/2020 school year, started from two questions around which the three teachers who supervised the course reflected:

How do we build our future in a more sustainable way, where to start?

There is a simple tool to use, which helps to protect the planet even with small, but
indispensable, daily gestures?

These two questions were the reference for the activity built in the classroom with the 3C.

The starting point was a meeting to discuss the concepts of “development” and “sustainability” with the students, gathering different points of view and ideas.

Two major environmental challenges have emerged: limiting and optimizing the use of natural resources as much as possible and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

But in particular, students and teachers have reasoned around the key aspect of “personal responsibility”, to make a difference in the choices and actions of each day.

In fact, behind every object we use every day there is a chain (resource extraction – manufacturing – distribution – use – waste) that has an environmental impact.

The students of the class have thus identified (through individual work and group comparisons) a series of actions during the day that can be carried out in a less impactful way.

To give importance to the aspect of daily commitment, for create something concrete that documents the experience and that can serve as a communication tool outwards (towards other classes, families, the city context), the class chose to create a calendar entitled “Save the world day after day”

The project, which lasted approximately one school year, was an opportunity to involve students and teachers, intertwining different subjects and skills, in languages ​​(the calendar has been translated into Italian, English, Spanish and Friulian), in graphics (from choice and creation of images for the layout), in education for sustainability within the broader path of civic education.

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