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Greetings, Edi, first of all, Happy Birthday! 2022 brings a new challenge in your life. A new team, a new structure. What made you step into Gianni Savio’s team?

Hello! Happy birthday to all and a new year full of success. 2022 brings a change, the team is new to me, but Androni and especially Mr. Gianni Savio have a lot of experience and I think it is the change I needed in my career.
Last year I was very close to a World Tour team from France, but when things were set up, and I should have made the change in July, but in a few days everything got stuck for several reasons. I talked to my manager Alex Carera, I had three offers at the time, and given the situation of the Delko team I didn’t have time to wait, so my choice was Drone Hopper-Androni Giocattoli, who had the best project and who will definitely he was trying to make the most of me.

Speaking of Gianni Savio, what do you think will be the collaboration with him?

Mr. Gianni Savio, he has a great deal of knowledge behind him, and I really liked and was motivated by the fact that we talk weekly before the first meeting with the team, then I talked to him daily in the December camp, and I gave the necessary confidence and support to the team which is the most important thing.

What are your major goals for 2022? Are you looking to participate in Il Giro?

The difference from last season is that I scheduled everything with the team staff until April, I know the exact schedule (except the WT races by invitation). I want to be very competitive from the start of the new season, and get the best results possible, and if Giro comes, so much the better, but I don’t want to focus on something we’re still not sure about. When the Wildcards are designated, then we will see what we can program, because if we are present, my goal will surely be to win a stage.

You participated in 2015 and 2016 in the Tour of Italy, certainly a great success for Romanian cycling. What memories do you have of these two previous participations?

Giro is a very nice competition, if I had experience now, I think that stage in Turin in 2016 would have been played on the finish line.

Do you intend to take part in the classic Italian races in 2022? Do you have any intentions for Milano-San Remo and / or Il Lombardia?

At the moment, we don’t know where we will be invited, if we have access to Milan-San Remo, I will try to be 100% for that race, I participated only once, and I missed 1.5km from Poggio to reach with the first platoon… Related to Lombardy, it’s not a race for me, we have very good climbers in the team and it’s not my case. Related to my schedule for this spring, I will start in Mallorca with all the races there, then again in Spain on 12-14 for another 3 classics, then at the end of February again in Spain for the Gran Camino stage race.

With your will, I throw a bow back in time. 2021 was a turning point in your career. What do you think would be the most beautiful personal memory of the recently concluded season?

2021… a year that didn’t seem to exist, the problems started in the team since April and from there, I didn’t have a stable calendar, I didn’t have the necessary staff. There were 3 races in which I felt good, the first classic in Belgium, in Koksjide where I finished 5th, and when I was in shape the team canceled the next competitions, then the last stage of the Tour of Sibiu, where I did a big mistake that I did not stay in the middle of the road (so Akermann could not overtake me before the last turn) and the last stage of the Tour of Luxembourg where I finished on 3.

You are without a doubt the most popular road cyclist in Romania. Your fans and not only, are you wondering in which national competitions we will see you in 2022?

I want to thank all those who support me, and those who try to put cycling in Romania on a waterline. 100% I will start in the Tour of Sibiu and in the national championship. Possibly the Tour of Romania if the team finds an agreement with the organizers.

How do you estimate the transition from Look to Bottecchia bikes? But from the SRAM group to Campagnolo?

I’m impressed with how responsive the bike is, I’m currently using one of their 2021 bikes, and on the 10th they will send me my bike this year, I will use the Botteccia Aerospace Squadra model compared to my colleagues riding the Botteccia M4 Squadra. We will be on Campagnolo, a small group that I have used in the past and that I like and has Italian beauty.

Edi, a closing message for your Romanian fans?

I wish you to be healthy, to gather many miles on the roads, and to encourage us as much as possible.

Edi, thank you so much for your time. Good luck in the new competitive season.

And I thank you. All the best!

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