GG +2

GG +2 is a fairly rare type of bet used even by bettors with old payouts. Even if the bet doesn’t surprise with novelty, the notation is at least fun. You will find it at some bookmakers, in case you want to bet something like that.

It is a type of bet for the bravest and who choose the games in which many goals are scored. And the odds are right and offer the comfort of at least 4 or 5 choices, one of which is a win-win.

GG +2 = both score over 1.5 goals

The notation is somewhat confusing because joining the number 2 to the GG can be confusing. GG assumes at least 2 goals scored in a game, and GG2 + it becomes a hilarious symbol. However, it can be found and there are bookmakers where we have BTTS2 +.

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GG +2, 2-2 or higher

The first score that makes and validates this bet is 2-2. Meet 2-2, 3-2, 2-3, 4-2, 2-4, 5-2followed by scores that raise questions but are part of the football economy.

It is important that each team scores at least 2 goals. It doesn’t matter where he scores or the order. They can be 0-2 games at the break and ending 3-2 or vice versa. Validation of the winning bet is essential for a bettor.

GG +2 = GG and over 2 goals from each team

At the same time, it is good to know and be aware of the notations and symbols at bookmakers. As new types of betting (and / or derivatives) emerge, many traders enter certain notations. In some cases, confusion can arise and these are not at all beneficial to bettors.

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How to choose, other bets and game options

Following the teams, the form of the game and the results obtained is the most common option. In case of traditional rivalries or teams sharing the same stadium, the bet is justified.

GG +2 = both teams score at least twice in the match

GG +2 is a wagering bet over 3.5 goals. Considering the dynamics of the current games and especially the values ​​of the odds, over 3.5 goals (4+) is a much more valuable bet. More flexible, easier to follow and at comparatively better rates. This is due to the margin applied by bookmakers offering @ 5.50 or @ 6.00 where it should be @ 7.00 or @ 8.00. But we do not analyze the margin here but the rarity of the bet and its lower value compared to others.

GG +2
GG +2 the Blackburn – Middlesbrough

Blackburn – Middlesbrough – practical example

In the case of the Championship match on 24.01.2022 between Blackburn – Middlesbrough, GG +2 has the odds @ 5.87. But is there any value to a gambler? You may be tempted to think of a game with many goals, 2 teams hoping for the Premier League. But the reality of direct meetings shows you that the two teams do not succeed at all with goal games. GG3 + is not present at all, and the limit is obsessive at 2 goals.

Under these conditions, GG +2 is far from valuable but can be treated as a surprise of proportions. Because both teams are fighting for top positions in the Championship and are hoping for the EPL, they will also defend a draw.

GG 2+ is not a common bet and there are not many relevant statistics in this regard. If GG or GG3 + are highly valued and used by many bettors, the crowd of those who prefer “rarities” is much reduced.

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