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Boxing is a real phenomenon with boxers in the lead role, it manages to attract a lot of fans and with the fans a lot of money, therefore we decided to present you the top 5 richest boxers in the world.

5. Canelo Alvarez, £ 105 million

Alvarez is the best-ranked fighter on the list and has the potential to be the best ever.

He is the biggest attraction in the sport since Floyd Mayweather retired, attracting tens of thousands of fans to his fights.

Nine years ago, his fight against Mayweather became the third most-watched boxing match of all time.

Since then, he has had 15 PPV matches bought by over a million people.

4. Oscar de la Hoya, 148 million pounds

Before Mayweather, there was Oscar de la Hoya.

From Hoya he won the titles in the super-featherweight, lightweight, semi-middle and middleweight categories, wins that made him the best paid boxer at the time.

De la Hoya’s fortune was also supplemented by the founding of Golden Boy Promotions, for which Canelo fought.

Oscar de la Hoya

3. Manny Pacquiao, £ 163 million

Pacquiao’s misfortune was that Mayweather was in the same category, otherwise we would have talked about him as the best boxer of all time.

The Filipino legend is the only boxer to have ever won twelve major world titles in eight different weight classes.

However, at the age of 42, he put his gloves on and focused on his political career in his home country.


2. George Foreman, £ 222 million

One of the best heavyweights of all time, Foreman made good money fighting Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Evander Holyfield.

His record was not negligible either, winning 76 of 81 fights.

But all the money earned from boxing becomes insignificant when compared to the money earned from the business developed after quitting sports, The George Foreman Grill.

From The George Foreman Grill alone, he earned about £ 200 million.

George Foreman’s fortune shows how important a life after boxing can be for some.

George Foreman

1. Floyd Mayweather, £ 400 million

It is not for nothing that he is called "Money" Mayweather.

He won the super-featherweight, featherweight, semi-middle, middleweight titles, finishing his career with a 50-0 record.

Amazingly, four of the most watched PPV boxing fights of all time were when he faced Manny Pacquiao, Conor McGregor, Canelo Alvarez and Oscar de la Hoya.

Of course he won the biggest scholarship in those fights.

Now, Mayweather makes sure we know how rich he is and shows off his fortune by showcasing his fleet of cars, a private jet and lots of money packages as well.

Floyd Mayweather

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