Nissan Ariya
  • Six electrified models with a clear differentiation, thanks to the unique Nissan technologies
  • The new range offers uncompromising electrification in terms of driving enthusiasm and pleasure
  • Nissan will end investment in new pure internal combustion engines for passenger vehicles
  • The Japanese company responds to the mobility needs of drivers through a range of models with different levels of electrification

Nissan has set its sights on a sustainable future and strengthened its position in the European market by introducing its new six-model electrified range, which will arrive this summer.

Using its unparalleled expertise and leadership, Nissan is supercharging its move to electrified mobility with the brand’s most interesting and comprehensive offering to date.

Following the decision not to invest in Euro 7 for passenger cars, Nissan will not introduce any new passenger cars, powered by internal combustion engines, in Europe from 2023. Taking bold steps to ensure that it offers a new era of mobility, Nissan expects 75% of sales to be electric models by 2026, with the ambition to reach 100% by the end of the decade.

“Nissan is moving towards an electrified future, led by Europe. We have set a clear direction through Ambition 2030 and, with our new electrified range, we are truly paving the way for a sustainable future. With our global presence and Alliance partnerships as a backbone, this is a milestone for Nissan in Europe, with the arrival of the most comprehensive product offering to date. We have leveraged our electrical expertise to deliver a suite of technologies that meet the needs of our customers without compromising on enthusiasm. ”

Guillaume Cartier (President of Nissan Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and the Oceania Region

Going beyond the vehicle, Nissan is working on a comprehensive energy ecosystem for its electric vehicles, which is exploring initiatives to optimize and expand battery capacity. Nissan’s flagship production ecosystem, EV36Zero, based in Sunderland, UK, brings together the production of vehicles and batteries powered by renewable sources to set the plan for future mobility in production.

JUKE Hybrid

The latest version of the Nissan compact crossover, the JUKE Hybrid, retains the same personality as the model and offers curious customers of electric vehicles a comprehensive introduction to the world of electrification. JUKE Hybrid combines responsive performance, pleasant driving ability and excellent fuel efficiency for a satisfying road experience.

The new Qashqai e-POWER

Building on its legacy as the world’s first crossover model, the new Qashqai enhances the driving experience with Nissan’s unique e-POWER propulsion technology.

The system developed entirely by Nissan offers the unmistakable thrill of fully electric driving without the need for recharging. A 100% electric motor drives the wheels for instant and linear acceleration, while a small combustion engine recharges the moving battery – giving even more confidence behind the wheel.

The new X-Trail e-POWER

Effortless electrical performance and refinement are at the driver’s fingertips with e-POWER support. The model’s supreme quietness and comfort are enhanced by the precision of the two-wheel drive e-4ORCE transmission and all-wheel drive – combining to provide a captivating yet safe driving experience.

Complete electrification experience – 100% electric


The world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle, LEAF launched a revolution and set the stage for modern electric vehicles – more than 577,000 models sold globally and more than 9 billion kilometers with zero emissions since its launch in 2010.

The Japanese company has developed its rich electrification expertise with LEAF, perfecting its successful formula over a decade of development to make electric vehicles accessible to all.


Marking a new chapter in Nissan’s electrification journey, Ariya is Nissan’s first all-electric coupe-crossover and the pinnacle of what Nissan does best. The first vehicle to use the ingenious CMF-EV platform developed by Nissan for the Alliance, the Ariya, is the ultimate electric experience; it embodies the Japanese Nissan DNA, offers dynamic driving performance and boasts one of the most spacious interiors in the segment.

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