• With 537,095 vehicles sold in 2021, Dacia is advancing by 3% in a market penalized by the health crisis and that of electronic components.
  • For the first time, Dacia climbs the European podium of sales to private customers, reaching a record share of 6.2% in this market segment.
  • This performance is mainly due to the success of the Dacia Sandero models (over 226,000 units sold – including the Stepway version) and Dacia Duster (over 186,000 units sold).
  • For the fifth consecutive year, Sandero is the best-selling model to private customers in Europe, an uninterrupted performance since 2017. For its fourth consecutive year, Duster is the best-selling SUV in Europe to the same category of customers.
  • Launched last spring, Spring (with 27,876 units sold) is already playing an important role in the European market for 100% electric vehicles. In just 9 months, orders have reached over 46,000 units.
  • The attractiveness of the Dacia brand is confirmed both by the high degree of customer loyalty and by the rate of attracting new customers. These trends are expected to amplify in 2022 with the expansion of the product offering, especially with the commercial launch during the first quarter of the Jogger, a family vehicle with up to 7 seats.
  • Dacia remains the undisputed leader on the Romanian market, with 4 of its models in the top 5 models sold in 2021.


Increasing by 3.1% compared to the previous year, the total sales of the Dacia brand reached in 2021 to 537,095 units in the conditions of a stable market but strongly affected by the health crisis and that of the electronic components. In its sales perimeter, Dacia recorded an increase in its market share by 0.1 percentage points, up to 3.5%. The increase in sales is mainly explained by the success of the new Dacia range among private customers. In 2021, Dacia reached a record market share of 6.2% in the segment of sales to private customers in Europe, becoming for the first time the third best-selling brand among this category of public.

Apart from Romania, Dacia is the best-selling brand to private customers in France and ranks in the Top 5 in 9 other European countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia). In Germany, the brand is in the Top 10. Dacia is also the market leader in Morocco.

This performance is supported by the success of the models Sandero and Duster.

Dacia Sandero recorded a sales volume of 226,805 copies, of which almost 90% were represented by the third generation of the model. In 2021, for the fifth consecutive year, Sandero was the best-selling model in Europe for individual customers. In some countries, Sandero was the best-selling model to all categories of customers. In these conditions, Sandero was at the end of the year in the second place in the ranking of the best-selling models in Europe.

The same trend was true for the model Duster, which is, since 2018, the best-selling SUV in Europe to private customers. With 186,001 units sold in 2021 in all markets, Duster has surpassed 2 million units since its launch in 2010.

Launched last spring, Spring has made a notable entry into the 100% electric vehicle market with 27,876 units sold and over 46,000 orders by the end of 2021. Designed to democratize access to electric mobility for daily commuting, Spring it is established as a reference urban car in many markets. Remarkably, 80% of those who bought a vehicle Spring they were not previously customers of the Dacia brand.


Designed to meet customer expectations, the range Dacia there is a growing interest in its best-equipped versions. Thus, at European level, 90% of customers Spring they opted for the Comfort Plus trim level. At the same time, the version Stepway represents 70% of sales Sanderowhile 60% of the model’s customers Duster they preferred the version Prestige.

The growing customer preference for top-of-the-range versions is accompanied by another relevant phenomenon: Dacia is gaining customers who had not previously purchased a vehicle from the Renault Group, the percentage of these new customers, or the “conquest rate”, being 60%. On the other hand, when they decide to replace their car with a new one, 75% of customers Dthey remain loyal to the brand.


In 2022 Jogger will join the successful models of the range. The new family vehicle with up to 7 seats has been designed to meet the needs of comfort, space and modularity of a wide range of customers.

The implementation of the strategic plan announced last year will continue with the gradual introduction of the new brand identity, both in the commercial network (starting in the first half) and in the range of models (in the last part of the year).


In Romania, Dacia sold 38,120 vehicles in 2021. The models rank in four of the top five positions in the top best-selling vehicles on the local market.

Beyond the constant success of the Logan (13,482 units), Duster (9,045 units) and Sandero (8,227 units) models, which are at the top of the sales rankings every year, the performance of the Spring model is worth mentioning, reaching fifth place in the best-selling top cars from Romania. In just three months from the beginning of deliveries to customers, 3,068 copies were registered, which means almost 48% of the total sales of electric vehicles on the Romanian market in 2021.

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