Formula 1 - Monaco GP, welcome to Leclerc's home

Monte Carlo is ready to host Formula 1: this weekend, we run the Monaco Grand Prixvalid as the seventh round of the 2022 World Cup.

Spotlight on Leclerc. On Sunday he was easily leading the Spanish GP and would have taken home an easy victory if only the reliability of his Ferrari hadn’t betrayed him at the best. Charles Leclerc now arrives in his Monaco knowing that he has the eyes of the world on him essentially for two reasons: in addition to running through the streets where he practically grew up, he must also recover the championship leadership he lost last week. The statistics, however, do not play in his favor, because since he has been in Formula 1 he has never been able to see the checkered flag in Monte Carlo. And as if that weren’t enough, Charles also had a brake failure during the Grand Prix Monaco Historique, crashing into the barriers in Lauda’s Ferrari 312 B3. Breaking this taboo is a priority.

Three-way fight. However, Leclerc remains the favorite for qualifying in Monaco, having already achieved four pole positions this year. But it will not be an easy feat for the Monegasque, because Ferrari and Red Bull are extremely close and now it seems that Mercedes is also back to battle for the top positions. However, the Brackley team remains a big unknown for Monte Carlo because, despite the good performances shown in Barcelona, ​​the W13 was not particularly brilliant in the most driven sector of the track and this could be a clue to be reckoned with. However, we can bet that if Hamilton and Russell get the chance, they will be there to compete for a position in the front rows.

Decisive qualifications. Starting in front of everyone in Monaco is a bit like having half the victory in your pocket, because overtaking in the Principality is notoriously difficult. This year they may be nearly impossible to overtake, considering the cars are much larger than in the past. In qualifying we will see the usual spectacle, with all the drivers trying to reach the limit of performance, touching the barriers at every corner. The twist is always around the corner. Furthermore, it will be interesting to observe the behavior of these new machines on the slowest track of the whole season. The new regulations have given rise to very heavy cars, which generate downforce in a very different way than previous generations. Let’s not forget the words of Sebastian Vettel early in the season, which he called these cars “truck-like” in slow corners. In short, the lap in Monaco is already complicated for him, but this year the variables at stake increase.

A wet race possible. As if that were not enough, there is also the unknown weather to make everything more complicated. At the moment, the sun seems to be shining during free practice on Friday, while on Saturday the sky over Monte Carlo will be overcast. Things could change on Sunday, where the weather at the moment speaks of probability of rain equal to 60%.

Monaco GP on TV. For the first time in the history of Formula 1, the Principality was forced to abandon the traditional start of the weekend on Thursdays. The weekend goes live tomorrow with the first free sessions and will be broadcast entirely by Sky pay-TV in exclusive live. However, qualifying and the race will be broadcast a few hours later, in clear for all, on TV8. You can follow all the highlights of the weekend with the live news and articles in ours Special F.1.

Friday 27 May

Free Practice 1 | from 2 pm live on Sky Sport F1

Free Practice 2 | from 5 pm live on Sky Sport F1

Saturday 28 May

Free Practice 3 | from 1pm live on Sky Sport F1

Qualifications | from 4 pm live on Sky Sport F1. Deferred TV8 at 18.30

Sunday 29 May

Race | from 3pm live on Sky Sport F1. Deferred TV8 at 6pm

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