Fiat Nuova 500 - Now it is the European queen of electric cars

Good news for the Turin factory of Mirafiori: the Fiat New 500 it is confirmed as one of the most popular battery models in Europe. In April, according to the calculations of Jato Dynamics, the cinquino won the first place in the ranking of the best-selling electric of the Old Continent, with 5,524 units and a growth of 69% compared to the same month last year, despite a market that is certainly not certain. brilliant for all battery-powered vehicles: in a general context characterized by a 20% drop in registrations, due to the effects of the shortage of semiconductors, the “inflationary crisis” and the geopolitical situation, the demand for electrified cars (Bev and Phev) it contracted by 1.4% to 154,219 units.

The market. The research firm explains that “until now, electric and plug-in hybrids had been a reason for optimism” for the automotive sector, “despite the difficult and unpredictable market conditions.” Now, however, the manufacturers, after having awarded the highest priority for sales of electric vehicles and SUVs, they fail to “meet the demand generated by the generous incentives available to consumers. Demand for BEVs actually increased 13% to 83,000 units in April, but the popularity of Phevs has declined as, in most cases, these vehicles are not eligible “to access the same offerings available for all-electric models and, therefore, they suffered a decrease of 15%.

Primacy to Stellantis. In this context, Jato Dynamics underlines how last month, Stellantis reached the leadership of the pure electric market for the first time, with a share of 20%, surpassing the Volkswagen group, penalized by frequent production stops which led to a decline in volumes of 37%. In third place is Hyundai / Kia, thanks to a + 61%. In the first four months, the German manufacturer recorded growth of 8% and reached the top with a share of 18.2%, a lower penetration of around 24% achieved on the entire European market. Stellantis follows in second place with 15.7%, compared to 19.1% overall, while the third place belongs to Tesla with almost 15% (1.7% on the general market).

The rankings. The monthly record of the group led by Carlos Tavares is due not only to the 500, which among other things was able to place third in the four-month period behind only the Tesla Model 3 and Y. In the April ranking, the second place is from Peugeot e-208, with 3,730 volumes (+ 5%). Followed by Skoda Enyaq, Dacia Spring, Kia Niro, Volkswagen ID.4, Hyundai Kona, Renault Zoe, Kia Ev6 and BMW i3. Among other things, in the general classification, the Peugeot 208 is the most popular, followed by the Volkswagen T-Roc, the Dacia Sandero, the Fiat 500 and the Ford Puma. The Volkswagen Golf does not appear in the top ten, while the only one to register growth is the Kia Sportage (+ 53%)

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