Fines - Reporting of receipts, there is a clash in Parliament

The controversy on the reporting of road fines by local authorities (municipalities, unions of municipalities, provinces and metropolitan cities) has not subsided, an obligation established by a law of 2010 but which became operational only in 2020. As we wrote in the June issue , a large number of administrations, 1,888 (1,555 Municipalities, 315 unions of Municipalities, 15 provinces and 3 metropolitan cities), equal to about 20% of the entities, did not send to the competent ministries, that of the Interior and that of Infrastructures and Transport, the report that must quantify the receipts from the fines in 2019 and how these sums were spent.

Baldelli attacks Giovannini. Once again, Simone Baldelli, president of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on consumer protection, vice-president of Forza Italia deputies and member of the Transport Commission, commenting on the hearing of the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini: “I find it serious that the minister has not yet provided the Commission with the data on the proceeds of the 2020 road fines. at the end of the hearing, the minister himself told us that he had requested them from the Interior. I find it strange “, he added,” that the Ministry of Transport does not carry out massive sample checks on the data provided (to date only 39 local administrations checked on over 6 thousand reports received). We ask that the number of checks be extended and that it automatically includes at least all the provincial capitals. It is also serious that after years a way to automatically apply the sanctions has not yet been found and that the ministry thinks it can sanction the defaulting municipalities only on the basis of the number of inhabitants, without considering the volume of revenue from road fines within the related financial statements. We ask that the government share the choice of these criteria with Parliament, because the risk of wanting to agree on them with the associations of the subjects that can be sanctioned is to re-propose the story of Bertoldo’s tree “.

What happened to the Speed ​​Cameras decree? Baldelli then stigmatized the inertia of the dicastery in piazza di Porta Pia on the so-called “speed camera decree”, the provision that should regulate once and for all the use of speed control instruments, surpassing the current Minniti circular, from the name of Minister of the Interior who issued it in 2018 on the ashes of the previous Maroni circular. “Finally, it is serious that after 12 years the ministerial decree regulating the use of speed cameras, announced by the government itself for this month, has still not come out.”

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