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Strong presence of Arval toAutopromotec of Bologna, with a stand that already from its design wants to underline the two aspects that the long-term renter transalpine has been taking care of all its points on the territory for some time: “an elegant part, with plants, wood materials and stabilized lichen, even a personalized perfume that also touches a neglected sense such as smell”, he explains Marco Mosaicidirector of Aftermarket networks of Arval Italia, “and a second very technological one, to be highlighted in a fair like this one, where theself-repair is rapidly passing from the wrench to the Oculus “. The biennial fair in Bologna is an essential appointment for the rental company of BNP Paribas, also because 10 years ago it decided to invest in the assistance network for its cars in the fleet. “Today we manage 7,000 repairers, 3,500 with seven agreements with national and international players, 1,800 dealers and authorized car manufacturers, 900 body shops and 4,000 tire dealers, a total that makes more than 7,000 because some are multiservice”, explains Mosaici, who specifies how “before there were over 20,000, but the goal is to reach 2,300 centers for 80-85% of the interventions we need for our fleet which, last year, amounted to over one million, for 243,000 vehicles “.

Push on certification. Arval also manages this network with a dedicated management and 12 network managers in the area and, for two years, with a third party, namely Rinawhich has so far certified 190 Arval premium center and will continue with another 1,500 service centers. Centers that use the most advanced technological systems for repair, such as “smart repair”. As Mosaici points out: “60% of the interventions are made with these systems, which allow lower costs and lower machine downtime. To achieve this we have brought on board many other companies with partnership agreements (120, ed) and we have carried out many courses, not only technical but also managerial, to create the culture of assistance in all our centers, to which we have ensured 200 hours of training per year. “Among other things, online training was accelerated during the period of Covid, thanks to the new digital systems. “Among our centers we have 1,200 PES / PAV enabled for the maintenance of electrified cars, with extreme attention to the safety of workers”. All centers that can show off the institute’s logo, “it is not a trivial thing to have it approved”, comments Mosaici, who states that second-hand equipment has also recently become part of the business of these centers, as has the re-rental: “in this way they are increasingly becoming mobility centers which, for us, also become procurers of rental contracts, and with which we continue to build new products, such as, for example, the pickup and drop already years ago, or, recently, mobile workshops “, says the manager, also underlining the fact that they push car repairers to” create “new skills, for example in logistics.

Password: ethics. With this evolution of the network, Mosaici not only wants to take care of its customer in the best possible way, whether this company or private individual, but also “to win back a customer who does not repair, because he does not trust. the more he can do it “. Transparency that also pushed Arval to embrace the initiative of Mapfre UGØ, that is the guaranteed second hand, with which to get to give up to three years of guarantee. “We have also recently launched a community of repairers, a social network where they are confronted daily on the challenges of the sector that, before, perhaps they felt – or did feel them – by other means”, explains Mosaici, who proudly concludes with a “this Made in Italy model we are exporting to other markets where we are present, starting from France to get to the United Kingdom, passing through Belgium, etc. “.

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