Dear fuels - Nomisma Energia: "Diesel and petrol fall below the optimal values"

In recent months, fuel prices have accelerated sharply, triggering protests from consumers, representative associations and politicians and prompting the government to intervene with the cut in excise duties, a measure which has been extended. until next July 8th. The question to ask is whether there is a balanced price between the demands of end users and the needs of the industry. In this regard, the latest Nomisma Energia surveys show price lists for gasoline (in self-service mode and on the basis of market surveys and Bank of Italy data) still below the “optimal price”, i.e. a natural value , devoid of extra-profit, suitable to cover all costs and taxes, as well as to guarantee an adequate industrial margin, while diesel returns to show a negative differential. In particular, as of May 30, petrol costs 1,900 euros per liter, 5.4 cents less than the optimal price of 1,954 euros. For diesel fuel, the 1.824 of the stations are compared with the 1.825 “optimal” and, therefore, the price is 0.1 cents lower than the natural value. There last week the data showed a differential of -0.5 and +8.6 cents, respectively.

The calculation methodology. It must be remembered that when the prices at the pump are higher than the optimal ones, we are faced with a negative situation for consumers; on the contrary, the circumstance becomes positive in case of lower values. At this point it is necessary to specify the calculation methodology used by Nomisma Energia (former partner of Quattroruote for the monthly study on fuels that you can find in each issue of the magazine). In Italy, as in Europe, pump prices are determined by adding excise duties, VAT and a gross margin to cover all costs to the cost of fuel on the international market: transport, operating margin, investments at the point of sale, advertising and promotions. The 1.954 euros calculated by Nomisma Energia for gasoline are the result of the sum of 0951 euros of international cost, 0.172 euros of average gross margin, 0.478 of excise duties and 0.3521 of VAT. The 1.825 for diesel is the result of the addition of 0.650 euros of international price, 0.179 euros of margin, 0.367 of excise duties and 0.329 of VAT. To know the historical trend (Nomisma Energia calculates its optimal price since 2009) you can download this link the graphs drawn up by the research company every week.

The surveys of Staffetta Quotidiana. Meanwhile, Staffetta Quotidiana highlights how gasoline continues to rise in the wake of the increase in international oil prices: Brent has now exceeded 116 dollars a barrel. The national average for self-service green areas touches 1.9 euros / liter this morning, while served is well over 2 euros (again net of the discount on excise duties of 30.5 cents, which will expire on 8 July ). The average prices communicated yesterday by the operators of about 15 thousand plants to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development show, for the self-service mode, petrol at 1,900 euros / liter (+9 thousandths) and diesel at 1,821 euros / liter (+1). Served, petrol at € 2.028 / liter (+6), diesel at € 1.955 / liter (-2), LPG at € 0.832 / liter (-1), methane at € 1.849 / kg (-13), LNG at 2.084 euro / kg (-10). Along the highways, self-service petrol at 1,969 euros / liter (served at 2,198), self-service diesel at 1,906 euros / liter (served at 2,143), LPG at 0.918 euros / liter, natural gas at 2.237 euros / kg, LNG at 2.089 euros / kg.

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