Arrival - The electric van shows up with LeasePlan

After Switzerland, where Arrivalwith LeasePlanunveiled the beta version of its zero-emission delivery vehicle in late April, it’s the turn of the UK, al Commercial Vehicle Show of Birmingham, to show this electric van to the corporate public. Arrival, a company founded in 2015 with the aim of producing electric light commercial vehicles based in London and listed on Nasdaq in 2020, has closed several partnership agreements with mobility operators, such as Uber or, indeed, like LeasePlanthe Dutch charterer – about to join the French giant ALD Automotive who has pledged to purchase 3,000 zero-emission vehicles from the British company. Which has 143,000 orders in its portfolio, including 10,000 vehicles plus an equal number of options, by UPSwhich will distribute them in Europe and North America by 2024.

Outgoing production. In addition to the prototypes around customers and trade shows, series production of the vehicles will begin in the third quarter of this year, with deliveries of the right-hand drive versions scheduled for the fourth quarter, with the first left-hand drive models destined for Continental Europe will roll off the British production line in the first quarter of 2023. The van features a sliding door for the passenger and a rear shutter for access to the cargo area, followed by a more traditional cargo van with sliding side door and double rear door. The vehicles have not yet undergone official WLTP tests, but the manufacturer has announced that the 67kW, 89kW and 111kW battery packs are expected to achieve ranges of 180, 240 and 288 kilometers respectively. In Europe, the four maintenance partners chosen are Kwik Fit, Rivus Fleet Solutions and ZF, as well as ARC Europe Group for breakdowns. In the US, Arrival selected Amerit Fleet Solutions, Bridgestone, Napa Auto Parts and Valvoline. “The remarkable longevity of electric powertrains, compared to their diesel equivalents, also presents new opportunities for fleets to maintain vehicles for a significantly longer period and for long-term rental companies to also offer them for rental. Great Tco “comments the UK & Ireland Sales Manager of Arrival David Watts. “We are accelerating with e-LCVs,” says LeasePlan UK Commercial Vehicle Manager Matt Dillonthanks also to the fact that “we are at the turning point where electric models have Tco equal to, or even cheaper, than diesel vehicles”.

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