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Having crossed the milestone of 13 years of career and 1.9 million units produced, the BMW X1 it is renewed with the third generation. For the first time, the smallest of the Munich SUVs will combine an electric version with the endothermic ones to embrace the new market trends. The debut in the dealerships is set for the month of October: it will be possible to choose between the basic set-ups, xLine and M Sport, but prices have not yet been announced.

Advanced style and lots of extra space. As for the design, the BMW X1 has kept the classic grille layout, with double kidney with horizontal development. The bumpers, headlights and side panels are an evolution of the previous series, but the car is totally new and uses a modular platform that allows the production of endothermic or electric versions on the same production line, located in the Regensburg factory. The dimensions are slightly larger than those of the outgoing model: the new X1, in fact, reaches 4.5 meters in length (+53 mm), also growing in width (+24 mm) and height (+44 mm). The wheelbase has also been increased by 22 mm and the tracks are wider by 33 mm: all these interventions have been fundamental to increase the space on board and the comfort of the passengers, but BMW has also worked on efficiency, lowering the Cx up to 0.26. The trunk offers a variable load capacity between 540 and 1,600 liters (with optional 13-centimeter sliding sofa), values ​​that drop to 490 and 1,495 liters for the plug-in hybrid variants only. Finally, customers will be able to choose between 12 exterior colors and, for the first time, it will also be possible to order the Frozen matt colors from the BMW Individual range.

The Curved Display debuts. The interiors follow the setting just introduced with the Series 2 Active Tourer: we therefore find the single curved screen that integrates the 10.25-inch instrumentation and the 10.7-inch infontainment with the 8.0 operating system. The central console houses the vertical space for wireless charging of the smartphone. The infotainment includes specific functions for the plug-in hybrid and electric versions, signaling the charging stops in the navigation paths. Connected Drive, Connected Parking and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant services are also included.

More accessories for all. BMW has enriched the standard equipment of all versions and introduced new options from the premium segment. All X1s are equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control, leather steering wheel, 17 “alloy wheels, navigation system, Front-Collision Warning, Park Assistant with rear view camera, cruise control with brake function. Options include matrix headlights. Led, color head-up display, alloy wheels up to 20 “, front seats with massage function, towbar with electric opening and closing, panoramic roof, Harman Kardon audio system, shock absorbers electronic control, Surround View with remote 3D View, Augmented View for cloud-based navigation, BMW Digital Key Plus and the Adas Driving Assistant, Plus and Professional packages that offer the ultimate in assisted driving (Level 2 ).

Petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid. The range of the new X1 consists of two plug-in hybrids, two petrol and two diesel with three- and four-cylinder units. In detail, we find the 245 bhp xDrive 25e and 326 bhp xDrive30e, which offer up to 89 km of range with the battery alone and homologated emissions of 17-24 g / km, the 136 bhp front-wheel drive 18i sDrive gasoline (143-158 g / km of CO2) and xDrive23i mild hybrid 48V with 218 hp (146-162 g / km of CO2) and the front-wheel drive sDrive 18d diesel with 150 hp (129-145 g / km of CO2) and xDrive23d 48V mild hybrid with 211 hp (125-142 g / km of CO2). For all endothermic variants, the only gearbox available is the seven-speed automatic double-clutch Steptronic. The plug-ins have been evolved by adopting a new 14.2 kWh battery and the 7.4 kW on-board charger, which allows you to fill up with electrons in 2.5 hours.

The electric iX1 with 438 km of autonomy. The unprecedented electric declination is called iX1 xDrive 30 and offers a dual engine scheme with all-wheel drive: the power is 313 HP and the torque of 494 Nm. The autonomy declared in the Wltp cycle varies from 413 to 438 km: it is possible charge the batteries of 64.7 kWh with alternating current systems of 11 and 22 kW or with rapid columns up to 130 kW; this last solution allows to go from 10 to 80% of the charge in 29 minutes, or to gain 120 km of autonomy in just 10 minutes. The car is capable of reaching 100 km / h from a standstill in 5.7 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 180 km / h.

A package of dedicated services for rechargeable. The iX1 also adopts the BMW Iconic Sounds Electric developed in collaboration with Hans Zimmer, which allows the use of specific sounds while driving to enrich the travel experience. The design is almost identical to the other X1s, except for the now traditional “i Blue” accents that characterize the electric. For the plug-in and electric versions, the House offers the BMW Charging package, which offers discounted rates and a single BMW Charging Card account to refuel at the charging points of different operators. Customers of the iX1 also have free access, for the first 12 months of the subscription, to the Ionity network with the Plus package. Monaco also provides third generation wallboxes for home charging.

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