Leasys - Reefilla and Screevo, award-winning start-ups for electrical and automation

In common, they have the double “ee” in the name, obviously to be pronounced “i”, to understand each other: refill, that is, fill up, and write, that is, transform the voice commands. They are two start-ups, Reefillawhich offers a mobile charging service for the battery of electric vehicles and calculating the needs in a predictive way, e Screevo, which has created a virtual assistant that transforms voice inputs into textual data and reduces manual data entry activities. The other thing in common is that sare the winners of the latest edition of Digital Factoryinitiative of Leasysleader of long-term rental in Italy, of the group Stellantis And I3P, the Incubator of innovative companies of the Polytechnic of Turin. The two young companies, thanks to this recognition, they will now receive the resources to develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) with which to test their feasibility in the field, working in direct contact with Leasys and Leasys Rent.

Batteries no problem. “Who said you need a socket or a column to recharge your electric car? We bring energy to your car where and when it is needed. “So we read on the reefilla homepage (subtitle: Just forget, forget). Founded in 2021 and, in fact, incubated in I3P, the start-up wants to make electric car users forget the problem of autonomy, the notorious “range anxiety”, by offering a mobile charging service that calculates the needs in a predictive manner. Basically, the position and state of charge of the car is monitored: when the battery level drops below a certain threshold, Reefilla offers a recharge. If accepted, the operator reaches the car and connects the device, which is capable of delivering about 100-120 km of autonomy in half an hour, without having to look for a free charging column nearby.

Without hands. For its part, the other award-winning start-up, Screevo, also born in 2021, has created a virtual assistant that allows you to enter data into any system through your voice. The solution employs an artificial intelligence system that allows voice data to be transformed into text data and, through the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), automates repetitive tasks without the need for human supervision. In addition, a technology of computer vision to recognize the elements present on the screen and simulate the user’s actions, without the latter having to interact directly with his device.

Among the competitors, even carpooling. Competing in the final phase of Digital Factory were other valid start-ups, all characterized by young and interesting ideas. Between these, Caltonwhich helps companies collect, aggregate and analyze customer feedback with its “customer experience & review management” solution; Lazywhich optimizes the sharing and retrieval of information within the corporate digital documentation; Jojobservice of carpooling corporate designed for the specific needs of commuters (which we wrote about two years ago, see here); myBiroswhose technology automates the acquisition of customer information in the onboarding process.

Call for innovation. We are deeply satisfied with the excellent results obtained from the initiative carried out with the Leasys group“, commented Giuseppe Scellatopresident of I3P. “For years, our incubator has been carrying out many technological exploration projects in the field of Open Innovation and Digital Factory confirms itself as an opportunity of particular value in bringing young companies with cutting-edge projects into contact with the most attentive corporate realities. opportunities for digital transformation, such as Leasys and Leasys Rent “. The 2022 edition of the initiative is part of the program Start & Pulse from Crédit Agricole Consumer Financebased onOpen Innovation. This year’s call was focused in particular on the search for technological processes aimed at improving both the customer experience and internal processes and the management of company know-how.

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