Social leasing will not be for everyone

Asked during France Info’s morning show, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition, provided some details on social leasing. This device is not expected to appear in September 2022 and will be aimed primarily at professionals for whom the car is a necessity.

Social leasing will be primarily reserved for the most modest households and those for whom the car is a working tool.

We will deploy an affordable supply of electric vehicles (…) by setting up leasing mechanisms to support the most modest households. “had promised the candidate Emmanuel Macron, during his first campaign speech on March 17, 2022. Social leasing, which involves renting a vehicle for the most modest households, is one of the most enticing promises of the president’s mobility program.

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However, the outlines of the device remain blurred and little information has actually leaked. This morning, the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnes Pannier-Runacher, was the guest of France Info’s political interview. She was able to provide some clarification on the subject, without fully clarifying it.

A measure that will not be addressed to everyone

The opening of an electric vehicle rental for 100 euros per month will be targeted. According to the minister, there are already two categories of the population. “incontestable“to benefit from it:”Those for whom the vehicle is a working tool, I am thinking of liberal nurses for example, (…) and those who cannot afford to move to a clean vehicle because it is too expensive today on the market“.”The social leasing of electric cars is not aimed at all French people: it is aimed at those who need it most “said Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

An initiative that is not planned in the immediate future

The date of the opening of the scheme still depends on the meetings that the minister must hold with the automotive sector and the financiers, including the banks and the state, which should cover part of the first rent or the initial financial contribution. “Ce probably not for september “she warned.

And to recall that the first figures, carried out during the election campaign, assessed the need “of the order of 100,000 people “ with an initial state contribution of 500 euros. It was work. “absolutely preliminary “she said.

A step towards a democratization of EV?

In the information not mentioned in the interview, but which had been unveiled by our colleagues at BFM TV on March 22, 2022, the device could come in addition to the current conversion premium and the ecological bonus. The 100,000 electric vehicles would be supported by the state, amounting to 50 million euros in the first year of the measure.

Financial accessibility seems to be one of the keys to democratizing the electric vehicle. Funding companies are starting to look into this. Thus, on Wednesday, June 1, BNP Paribas Personal Finance launched an offer allowing the most modest households to purchase a Crit’Air 0 or 1 vehicle in LOA from 135 euros per month, with a 1% purchase option. maintenance included. There is a good chance that this type of contract will be temporarily imposed as an alternative to meet the short-term requirements of the EPZs. (With AFP)

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