Autostrade – Telepass vs UnipolMove, battaglia al casello: il nostro confronto

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Autostrade – Telepass vs UnipolMove, battaglia al casello: il nostro confronto


Autostrade – Telepass vs UnipolMove, battaglia al casello: il nostro confronto


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Autostrade – Telepass vs UnipolMove, battle at the toll booth: our comparison “, ” type “:” image “,” small_url “:” viabilita / 2022/05/26 / telepass_vs_unipolmove / gallery / rsmall / telepass-vs-unipolmove-gal02.jpg “,” big_url “:” viabilita / 2022/05/26 / telepass_vs_unipolmove / gallery / rbig / telepass-vs-unipolmove-gal02.jpg “,” caption “:”

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The thirty-year solitude of Telepass (the first uses date back to the period around Italy 90, the World Cup hosted by our country) is over. UnipolMove, a new electronic toll payment system, proposed by the UnipolSai insurance group, has been available since March, first in an experimental form, then more broadly (at the rate of 10-15 thousand devices delivered to users every week). A revolutionary fact, compared to the monopoly that the system conceived and marketed by Telepass, a company of the holding Atlantia, which has long been outside the scope of Autostrade per l’Italia and therefore not affected by the recent transfer of the latter to Cassa Depositi and loans and to a group of investment funds. It is the culmination of a liberalization process that began in 2019 and has come to maturity only now, due to the inevitable times for setting up the device and its certification. An opening up of the electronic toll payments market which will allow, in the near future, the entry into the field of other operators (for example Mooney of the Intesa Sanpaolo group) and which will lead to forms of competition that are beneficial, at least hopefully, for consumers. in terms of costs and quantity of services offered. This is because, for some time now, Telepass is no longer just a device with which to regulate the motorway toll (and many affiliated car parks) in Italy and in other European countries (France, Spain and Portugal), but it is in fact a money institution. electronic, which can be used to pay for the most diverse services (see the table below) and recognized for this by the Bank of Italy. A path that, of course, will also follow UnipolMove, developing the limited extra services available today.

Telepass UnipolMove
1.26 euros per month.
From 1 July the fee for the Telepass Base will be 1.83 euros; increase frozen for 12 months for new contracts. Quarterly billing
1.00 euro per month. Monthly payment, with the option to withdraw at any time
Services Electronic toll, payment for Area C Milan, affiliated car parks, Strait of Messina ferries, fuel, others (see below) Electronic toll, payment for Area C Milan, affiliated car parks, blue stripes, fuel, road tax, fines, insurance against theft and loss of equipment
Free trial period Not expected Six months
Second apparatus Twin (2.10 euros / month, with roadside assistance) 0.50 euros / month
Use abroad Possible in France, Spain and Portugal, replacing the original apparatus (or adding one); 6 euros for activation + 2.40 euros / month when used Currently not; expected for next year
Plaques Two for each device (including motorcycles), exchangeable via app One per device, exchangeable via app as many times as you want
Motorcycle 30% discount on the toll with equipment dedicated only to the bike and specific request No discount
Distribution Online (free delivery), TP Point (with limitations) at Eni Station and Dekra centers, TP Stores in Milan and Turin, some banks and post offices Online (free delivery), 2,500 UnipolSai agencies, Coop, affiliated banks (Bper, Carige etc.)
Usage On the entire motorway network On the entire Italian motorway network, except the sections of the Sicilian Highways Consortium and the Pedemontana Veneta
Pay per use solution No monthly fee, 10 euros upon activation and 2.50 euros / month when used, only one plate at a time, some services included No monthly fee, 10 euros upon activation (5, per company car) and 2.50 euros / month when used

One lane, two devices. What is important to know is that the UnipolSai device is used in exactly the same way as the Telepass. The contract can be signed through the website, at the Coop, in affiliated banks or in one of the 2,500 UnipolSai insurance agencies; the “box”, to be affixed to the windshield of the car, works in all the Telepass lanes of the motorway toll booths bearing the symbol of the European Union. To date, it can be used practically everywhere, with only two exceptions: the Pedemontana Veneta highway, a toll road which, once completed, will connect the A4 Turin-Trieste from Montecchio Maggiore (VI) with the A31 Rovigo-Piovene Rocchette and with the A27 Venice-Belluno, near Conegliano; and the trunks under the responsibility of the Sicilian Highways Consortium (which manages Messina-Palermo, Messina-Catania and Siracusa-Gela). The user who chooses UnipolMove, therefore, must follow the same signs at the toll booths addressed to Telepass users, whose indication (which is a commercial name) is destined to be replaced by a more generic one: at the moment, it is not yet known which (Electronic toll? Electronic toll?). However, it will be a joint decision taken by the concessionary companies and their Aiscat association. Telepass, however, rightly hopes that the yellow color used up to now as a background for signage will be maintained, as the drivers have by now developed a habit in this regard.

Differentiated packages Users, therefore, will have to choose which device to use, paying attention to costs, but also to any discounts on motorway tariffs sometimes provided for users and the services offered. Today Telepass already has around 7 million users, UnipolMove nurtures the ambition of reaching 2 million by 2024, “half of which”, explains Giacomo Lovati, chief beyond insurance officer of UnipolSai, “procured by our agents, who they can count on 10 million motorists insured with us ». There is also the idea of ​​using the data of the 4.2 million black boxes mounted on Italian vehicles by the insurance company, which allow us to know the road habits of users, to offer, as Lovati explains, “differentiated packages aimed at those , for example, he uses his car very little and he does it above all in summer, as well as to those who, on the other hand, travel a lot on toll roads ». Moreover, already today both companies offer pay-per-use solutions, which do not provide monthly fees, but an outlay of 10 euros for the activation and payment of a fixed amount only in the months in which the tool is used.

From parking to full. Faced with the new competitive situation, one wonders how Telepass will react. “The European Union”, explains Aldo Agostinelli, chief sales and marketing officer of the company, “opened this market already in 2004 and our managing directors, in particular the current CEO Gabriele Benedetto, had the foresight to expand the use of the instrument to a growing number of mobility services, which number over thirty; the activation of the app for about four years has made it possible, to say, to add to the payment of the parking in the parking lots in affiliated structures (about 270 only in Italy, in city centers, as well as in airports and hospitals) that of the blue stripes of an ever-increasing number of municipalities (at least ten more every month, in addition to the 170 already covered), but also refueling and recharging electric car batteries with operators such as Enel X, BeCharge, Duferco Energia and Queenergy. A global payment system, in short, based exclusively on a support current account and not on credit cards, which involve commissions ».

Rewards and savings. Agostinelli’s idea is to further expand these services, working to cover all aspects of mobility, whether tourist or professional: «Now», he explains, «it is already possible to buy train tickets with the app; we want to add the opportunity to do so also for museum tickets and more. Our policy will therefore be to increase the portfolio of services offered to the customer, for example by expanding the presence in the insurance world, and to agree, for each service, to all the operators who offer it “. The future then goes towards a dematerialization of the device: «In the coming months we will offer an innovative product, in partnership with Assicurazioni Generali, which will integrate the black box function with the payment of electronic tolls and blue stripes; later we will see whether to extend this solution to other companies or to propose it to the individual consumer as well “. There is also the aspect of the economic advantage: “The few shares that are recognized by the affiliated companies are reinserted into the system in the form of discounts for customers: thus, the third electric recharge is free, the third refueling provides a 10% discount and in Milan and Rome we offer a free daily ticket for public transport. These are actions designed to encourage the adoption of our service, but also to reward the customer ». UnipolMove intends to respond to this offensive in turn with an expanded offer of mobility services, which will include a digitized credit card for refueling and electric recharging; without forgetting the integration of the system with UnipolRental long-term rental. The battle of the electronic toll, therefore, is only at the beginning.

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