Ford Mustang - Endothermic and (also) manual: the first details of the seventh generation appear

There Ford confirmed the arrival of the seventh generation of the American muscle car par excellence, the Mustang. The new version was announced as part of a new project to invest $ 3.7 billion (over 3.4 billion euros at current exchange rates) in some of the major plants in the Midwestern states.

Flat Rock production. Notably, the new generation Mustang, which will continue to be produced in Flat Rock, Michigan, is expected to hit the market in the spring of next year. For now there are no details on the engines, but a detail inserted in the photos published accompanying the announcement suggests the confirmation of an internal combustion engine and (also) a six-speed manual gearbox scheme. Therefore, the indications of some managers are confirmed, who at the beginning of the year had excluded the farewell to the manual gearbox and traditional engines (the EcoBoost engines and the Coyote eight-cylinder engines) and had also anticipated, but only for the future, a growing electrification. with the addition of a hybrid drive.

The project. As mentioned, the new Mustang was announced along with a new investment program, agreed with the Uaw union over a year in advance of the new round of negotiations for the renewal of the employment contract. Ford plans, among other things, to create more than 6,200 jobs in the Midwest and to convert the positions of nearly 3,000 temporary workers indefinitely. The investments, which should lead to the creation of another 74,000 jobs in the related industries, will be accompanied by a further commitment, of 1 billion dollars over five years, to improve working conditions, and will concern, first of all, the State of reference of the Blue Oval. In fact, 2 billion dollars are allocated to Michigan, which will support 3,200 jobs, of which 2,000 are created from scratch to increase the production ofF-150 Lightning at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, build the new version of the pickup Ranger at Wayne’s Michigan Assembly Plant and, precisely, the latest generation of the Mustang at Flat Rock. In addition, $ 35 million was allocated to a parts hub in Monroe with over 600 employees. In Ohio, $ 1.5 billion will be invested to create 1,800 seats and assemble a new battery-powered commercial vehicle from 2025 at the Avon Lake plant and an additional $ 100 million at the Lima Engine and Sharonville Transmission plants. Finally, 95 million dollars will be committed in Missouri and 1,100 seats will be created thanks to the activation of a third shift at the Kansas City factory and the increase in production of the Transit, also in the electric version.

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