Ford reinvests "home"

Following investments in the South American states, Ford will inject $ 3.7 billion and create 6,200 jobs at plants in Ohio, Michigan and Missouri. The opportunity to accelerate the production of electric vehicles.

Ford will create 6,200 jobs in some factories like here in Ohio.

Ford announced on Thursday, June 2, 2022, that it intends to invest $ 3.7 billion and create 6,200 jobs in the northern United States, near its historic cradle, to accelerate the production of electric vehicles but also launch new heat engine models.

The US carmaker also plans to hire 3,000 full-time employees on a full-time basis who are currently in temporary positions, the group said in a statement.

This expansion is taking place in existing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Missouri, where the powerful UAW automobile union is present. They are located in the north-central part of the country, like Ford’s headquarters, while several major electric vehicle projects are moving to more southern states, where employees are traditionally a little less unionized.

Ford itself announced a $ 11.4 billion investment with South Korean partner SK Innovation in September and the creation of 11,000 jobs for three battery plants and a vehicle production plant in Kentucky and Tennessee. .

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The American president Joe Bidenwhich is pushing for a transition to CO2-free vehicles, has repeatedly called for new jobs in the segment to be represented by a union.

With its new investment, Ford plans to increase production of the electric versions of its popular F-150 and Transit van, and launch a new electric vehicle for professionals around 2025.

The company has in recent years made a transition to this growing segment, with the initial goal of investing $ 50 billion by 2026 and manufacturing two million electric vehicles a year by that date. But the manufacturer also continues to rely on thermal motor vehicles. With the new investment, it plans to launch a new Ranger pickup and a new Mustang coupe as well as increase production of the Transit. (with AFP)

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