Midland BTR1 Advanced intercoms: a concentrate of technology

Many technical innovations enclosed in a stylistically innovative body weighing only 50 grams.

Midland BTR1 Advanced intercoms is the new BT line, whose design is rigorously Made in Italy, which goes beyond the limits of the previous one, bringing with it a relevant technical upgrade.

Midland BTR1 Advanced intercoms: characteristics

Four people in conferencea mode that pushes this model forward, allowing 4 people to communicate with each other via Bluetooth up to a distance that varies according to the number of people / motorcycles connected as it uses each point-to-point connection (indicated in 1.2 km) as if it were a bridge carrying remote signal.

More generally, the technological heart of the Midland BTR1 Advanced intercoms allows you to connect communication with smartphones (up to 2), to listen to incoming messages from GPS navigators and to communicate with the main connectivity and control systems via TFT displays on the motorcycles. last generation.

There audio quality that from the helmet reaches the ears is really at the top in this model. Included is the dedicated audio system, designed by RCF R&D, a brand specialized in the world of professional music amplification, capable of guaranteeing maximum performance in any condition of use.

The DNK function (Digital Noise Killer), developed by Midland, which digitally reduces wind and engine noise by up to 80 percent. The audio system is also supported by the function Noise Gate, which activates the microphone only when you are speaking. There is also an FM stereo receiver with RDS (the music can be shared with the passenger).

By design, the new Midland 2022 intercom line has a new design and ergonomics of the controls. At the moment, only the top-of-the-range Rush RCF and BTR1 Advanced models share them.

And again to mention is the automatic fixing system to the helmet: it is called Magiclock and establishes a very practical magnetic coupling between the intercom and the base positioned on the shell. We also break a lance on the battery life of the series, which supports a “weekend” operation: well 23 hours of autonomy.

Finally, the numerous optional accessories / spare parts made available make the BTR1 Advanced interesting, including the full RCF audio kit for setting up a second helmet.


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