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Our first contact review of the new Dacia Jogger LPG with 1.0 ECO-G engine and 6-speed manual gearbox from € 16,250

We tried the new one for the first time Dacia Jogger LPG with 100 HP 1.0 ECO-G engine. A minivan with up to 7 seats that winks at the SUV world, with an ecological and economical engine starting from € 16,250. Here’s how our first contact went.

Dacia Jogger GPL: would you recommend it?

There are very few cars like the Jogger now. Of such LPG cars, basically there is only her. This is why I recommend it not only if you have a large family, but also if you need to bring lots of bulky items for work, hobby or sport, I think of musical instruments, surfboards, bicycles and so on: the car is a excellent companion car, even just for traveling with your group of friends. The presence of LPG, in fact, makes refueling still rather convenient, for a brilliant engine and a more successful aesthetic than in the past, with details that look to the world offrod also to get out of the asphalt on somewhat steep terrain.

Sober design, space at the top

Dacia’s stylistic philosophy is called “Design to cost“, And as with all new cars of the brand it is devoted to minimalism and practicality. Jogger, however, has some more details, which brings it closer to Sandero Stepway with which it shares the Groupe Renault CMF-B platform here extended to allow more space. I am obviously referring to the Y shape of the front headlights, and the vertical LEDs of the rear light clusters, in sharp contrast to the market and always pleasing. The Dacia logo, still the old one that from 2023 it will be replacedappears on the front and on the circles, while behind a written in spaced characters with the new font.

It is inside that you notice and appreciate the particularity of the Jogger. The dashboard is happily shared with the Sandero, from which it takes up the three configurations available as regards the infotainment:

⋅ Media Control, with housing for the smartphone on which to install the Dacia app which is controlled via the car’s controls;
⋅ Media Display, with 8-inch touch screen and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto smartphone replication via cable;
⋅ Media Nav, that of our tests, which adds the wireless smartphone replication and the integrated navigator.

On the dashboard, then, in our top-of-the-range Extreme version, there are also upholstery in soft technical fabric, pleasant to the touch. The good quality of the car is generally noticeable, and the numerous storage compartments are appreciated for a total of 23 liters, in addition to the 595-liter minimum boot capacity in our five-seater version, and the 80 kg of weight supported by the roof bars modular on the roof. On the 7-seater version, then, there are up to 52 seat configurations, for maximum versatility which demonstrates that the Dacia Jogger GPL is a car born to travel.

On the comfort side, driving position and ergonomics of the seats, especially in this heat you can appreciate the well-made technical fabric. The seats are sufficiently containing, the driving position is 100% customizable.

How’s the GPL doing

Dacia Jogger GPL is of course a bifuel car, with double tank divided into 40 liters for LPG and 50 for petrol, for a declared total autonomy of 1,000 km with a full tank. This is by the way the first of the two hybrids of the Jogger, since in 2023 the Full Hybrid Jogger with petrol combined with an electric unit most likely derived from Renault Clio and Captur (proof here).

The switch from petrol to LPG is activated with a simple button next to the steering wheel, and you don’t notice the difference. This is good, because it means that the two fuels work well and always leave the engine quite quiet. The car is in general built well, with a sturdy chassis and, at least from what I perceived, more robust than the Sandero, and the aerodynamic rustles that are heard less demonstrate this. in general the soundproofing. The 100hp engine isn’t the most snappy, but it defends itself well despite the inevitable weight gain.

The gearbox is 6-speed manual, with the same lever seen on Duster and Sandero: it defends itself well, even if every now and then there is some small jamming. Too bad, however, for the usual “lever” behind the steering wheel linked to the management of the volume: you see little and lowers the perception of quality a little.

Prices and fittings

Dacia Jogger GPL starts as mentioned from € 16,250 for the Essential version already complete with all the main safety and driving assistance systems, automatic headlights, fog lights, roof bars and 16-inch steel wheels. For the petrol version with 110 HP TCe engine you need € 300 more, while € 900 more if you want the 7-seater version.

For our Extreme version, however, the price is € 18,900 for the 5-seater Jogger and 19,800 for the 7-seater one, and you always need € 300 more if you want the petrol engine. No version is foreseen with diesel engines.


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