The results of the first round of French legislative elections abroad (and therefore in Switzerland) are beginning to fall

Who will be the representative of the French in Switzerland in the National Assembly? The controversial campaign had left observers in the dark. Several clues fell on Sunday night with the first round counting.

Unsurprisingly, Marc Ferracci, a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, the Swiss candidate for the legislature, came out on top with 36% of the vote according to the provisional results of the election night shared by the authorities. Ultra-favorite given Emmanuel Macron’s score in the Swiss presidential election (about 45% in the first round and 82% in the second), the majority had nominated this renowned economist who has served in several cabinet ministers.

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But the real news of the day is that opposite, we will find Magali Mangin (20% of the vote), the candidate of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. And this despite the internal crisis that prompted her deputy to call for a vote against her, calling her a “big pharma lobbyist.” In April, Jean-Luc Mélenchon finished second in the first round of the presidential election in Switzerland with 18% of the vote in this constituency, which usually votes center and right. The fourth presidential seat was occupied by Yannick Jadot, the environmentalist candidate, now attached to the Nupes. Unlike 2017, therefore, 2022 is a promising election year for the left. And the controversy doesn’t seem to have disturbed the course of things in this first round. The candidate even thinks that this story may have served her well, given the messages of support she has received. “It’s nice, I’m very happy with this result,” she said.

Out-of-Nupe environmentalist Roxane Corbran came in third with 9% of the vote. She points right in front of Republican nominee Regine Mazloum-Martin. Fourth with 8.5% of the vote, this doubles the score of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election and is a reserve of votes for the Macronist camp.

Far-right candidates scored low, as is often the case in this constituency. Joachim Son-Forget, an outgoing French MP from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, was largely eliminated, receiving only 4.5% of the vote. He presented himself as an independent, after being expelled from La République en marche due to many controversies.

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Macronist Marc Ferracci is therefore more favored than ever to win, some have already been elected, some say. Melenchonist Magali Mangin, however, still believes in it as hard as iron. “This beautiful mobilization and our score in the last elections make me think so,” she explains. People did not vote for people but for a program and ideas. Emmanuel Macron’s catastrophic record of ecological and social emergencies, as well as police violence, was a shock to them. “

Valls eliminated

Switzerland and Liechtenstein make up the sixth constituency of French abroad week before their fellow citizens living in France. They were also able to vote online from Friday, May 27 to Wednesday, June 1. The second round will take place for everyone on June 19th.

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As for the other constituencies, we will note the elimination of Manuel Valls in that of Spain, Portugal and Monaco. Invested by the presidential majority, the former prime minister who failed to get elected in the municipal elections in Barcelona announced his defeat in this first round: “If dissent and division have caused confusion, I can not ignore my score and the fact that my candidacy did not convince, ”he wrote on Twitter before calling for a second-round tie against the Nupes candidate who came out on top.

The left and many netizens rejoiced greatly at the rout of the man who had become the incarnation of the Socialists who had joined the center and Emmanuel Macron. Stéphane Vojetta, the outgoing MP wearing the colors of La République en marche (LREM), had decided to stay in the face of this “parachuting”. Indicating on his Twitter account that he qualified for the second round, he called on the presidential majority on Sunday night to reunite behind his candidacy. At the end of the evening, Manuel Valls tweeted “Goodbye Twitter” and then closed his account.

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