F&B Day - The transition from electric to thermal seen from Trulli

Fifteen years of Formula One, with 11 podiums including the pearl of victory in the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix with Renault. This is the career of Jarno Trulli in the greatest motorsport competition in the world, driver who will be the guest star of the event F&B Dayorganized by Fleet & Business, interviewed by the director of Quattroruote Gian Luca Pellegrini. At a time when we will talk about the transition from internal combustion engines to electric ones, a step that Trulli also made in 2014, when he participated with a team of his own – the Trulli GP – flanked by his compatriot Michela Cerruti, in the newborn Formula E championship. The team included Lucio Cavuto, also manager of the driver from Abruzzo and partner in the winery Podere Castorani (of which there will be a surprise at the event …), with the role of sporting director of the team, and Francesco Guarnieri, president and CEO.

The event. Opportunities – many – but also the risks of the massive adoption of new technologies in the automotive world. Starting from all that the advent of connected cars will entail for fleet managers and drivers, which, at the same time, electrify themselves more and more and add new services to their offer. These are the main themes of the new edition of Fleet & Business Day, finally in attendance, after several digital editions. The event dedicated to Fleet and Mobility management professionals will be held just when the Unece R155 regulation comes into force, which defines a roadmap and obligations for car makers with regards to cyber security. Among other things, Unece has approved a second regulation (R 156) which regulates, again in the automotive field, the safety of software updates in “over the air” mode. In short, it will finally be possible to build an industry on new businesses linked to the world of connected cars, without running into the various cybersecurity problems that the lack of homogeneity of the various systems has involved in the past years.
The meeting, free of charge, but upon registration for Fleet And mobility managerwill see several moments of networking, a morning of contents condensed into two sessions, and an afternoon where you can do test drives along the roads that lap the shores of Lake Como.

Appointment in Cernobbio. For more information and to subscribe click here: the event will take place on 29 June in Villa Erba (CO).

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