Incentives 2022 - Funds for thermals are running out

Incentives winding down for thermal and hybrid cars. This morning, at the opening of the dealerships, just € 27.5 million of the 170 allocated by the government on cars with carbon dioxide emissions between 61 and 135 g / km were available. So, in just 12 days, including Sundays and Republic Day, over 142 million euros were “burned”, 84% of the available resources despite the stricter constraints compared to 2021, namely the obligation to scrape a cars up to Euro 4 (last year, however, the car to be demolished had to be only, so to speak, ten years) and the lowering of the so-called price cap, the maximum list price, which from 40 thousand euros + VAT from a year ago was raised to 35 thousand euros + VAT (42,700 including VAT).

Resources for just a few hours. Therefore, based on the “draw” of recent days (on average almost 16 million euros have been booked every working day) it is likely that the funds will run out within a few hours, perhaps as early as tomorrow. And, at the moment, all the insiders exclude a refinancing of the fund for thermal cars, despite the law allows, with a specific Dpcm, to move resources from one endowment to another. In fact, that for electric cars (i.e. with emissions between 0 and 20 g / km), financed with 209 million euros (plus 11 for car sharing cars), could still count, at the opening of the week, on almost 190 million euros (90% of allocated resources), while that for plug-in cars (emissions between 21 and 60 g / km) had about 204 million “in the belly” of the 213.75 made available to individuals ( over 95%).

Electric and plug-in in slow motion. In short, while the bonuses on thermal cars have been literally “burned”, those on zero or very low emission cars are substantially ignored despite the absence, in these two specific situations, of the obligation of scrapping. This scenario was certainly determined by the government’s choices, which, in addition to having lowered the price cap from 50,000 euros + VAT to 35,000 + VAT on electricity and 45,000 + VAT on plug-ins, excluded companies from access to contributions, i.e. the very subjects who are driving the ecological transition. And that, especially in the 0-20 bands, has cut the amounts of individual bonuses compared to the 2021 incentives, in particular on the electric ones that a year ago could count on 8 thousand euros plus 2 thousand of the concessionaire compared to 5 thousand euros today in the case of scrapping or on 5,000 euros plus a thousand of the dealer compared to 3,000 today in the absence of scrapping.

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