Open letter to the President of the French Republic for Afghanistan

Mr. President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron

An entire people – nearly 40 million innocent victims – are, at the time we are addressing these lines, suffering the horrors, unspeakable, of almost daily indifference in our modern democracies. the most retrograde barbarism, inconceivable, by its cruelty, in the light of the simple but necessary Reason: this Reason of which we, children of the illustrious Age of Enlightenment, claim.

A politico-religious dictatorship

This country, now plagued by nameless violence, where religious bigotry serves as an ideological alibi for political fascism, is Afghanistan, which has now been in Kabul since the fall of its capital, Kabul, on August 15, 2021. abandoned, the victim of indecent silence by most of our Western media, at the bloody hands of the Taliban: Islamist fanatics who, advocating an obscurantist Sharia law, contempt for any consideration of human rights and respect for all freedom, the worst of tyrannies. These same Taliban have no political legitimacy, let alone democracy, since they took power by force of arms alone, without the slightest popular consultation, which is notoriously, and by a very large majority, hostile to it. . Only the Afghan people, and especially the women, deprived today of their existence even under this mobile prison that is the burqa, know the tragic price of such a dictatorship!

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Human rights violated on a daily basis

This politico-religious tyranny that the Taliban are wielding with impunity under the merciless rule of the people of Afghanistan with impunity, has no equivalent in the world today: women are banned from any profession, from the very right to to teach at school; homosexuals are persecuted, kidnapped, mutilated, massacred; intellectuals and artists are gagged, beaten, imprisoned, tortured, until death ensues; Opponents, forced to hide to survive, are persecuted and punished, before being reduced to fearful shadows and wandering, with no real identity, to the confines of this gigantic oblivion where the indifference of the world has thus relegated; the perpetrators, or considered as such, are hanged there, their corpse exhibited in a public place; poverty, misery and famine are growing there with no prospect of improving living conditions; mothers are sometimes forced to sell their children there in the hope of seeing them bought by wealthier families and therefore able to feed them; young girls, often prepubescent, are forcibly married to adult men; young boys, who have not even reached the age of adolescence, are raped in the most brutal way possible; and we could extend the painful list of these terrible abuses, in every way contrary, by their indescribable savagery, to any civilization worthy of the name, including that of Islam itself — that great and beautiful civilization which we do not confuse. , the conceptual nuance is important, with Islamism, which is only the abject, blind and criminal totalitarian deviation!

A call to the awakening of consciousness

How, then, could our consciences remain insensitive without feeling ashamed, in the face of such human drama, in the face of such abominations, which even the hazy minds of the Nazis could not conceive, in their most monstrous delusions? Because, yes, Afghanistan has become a vast concentration camp today, where even Muslims are now being held hostage, to the point of being massacred in their own mosques by the suicide bombings of this obscure Taliban movement! Yes, in Afghanistan, the ultimate but strategic bastion of the fight against international terrorism, a huge, immeasurable crime against humanity is being committed in a deafening silence right now!

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Freedom, democracy and humanism: in the name of civilization

Thus, Mr. President, is it in the very name, on the contrary, of civilization, without which there is no valid democracy, that we, intellectuals for whom humanism takes the place of universal principle, of we urge you to intervene as soon as possible, without further ado, as this deplorable situation is urgent, in favor of this martyred people who are the Afghan people, and therefore contributing under under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) and with the assistance of the European Union (EU), to finally put an end to it, by the means you deem most realistic and deem most appropriate (including a range of economic sanctions, associated with the ban on traveling abroad, against Taliban leaders), its unnameable, unbearable, suffering.

France, the homeland of human rights, a model of democracy in its noblest and whose admirable motto, “freedom, equality, fraternity,” is inscribed on the front of its republican birth, would be seen as such high, of historical memory, at the height of this lighthouse that it is supposed to represent in the eyes of the modern and contemporary world!

The danger of Islamist terrorism

It would also be an effective way to protect ourselves in anticipation of the tragedies of Charlie Hebdo and of the Bataclan, of a possible terrorism to come, of which we dare not imagine the terrible consequences, and which we certainly strongly condemn: it is of public notoriety, as Commander Massoud had already warned us about it in his various passages. at the heart of our European capitals, that these same Taliban are in fact allies, even though they say so behind their demagogic façade speeches, intended only to flatter us in order to obtain hypothetical favors, with this nebula that is, for the misfortune of our humanity, Al Qaeda and, more generally, Daesh or the Islamic State!

The signatories of this letter also stand resolutely, faithfully and resolutely, alongside the valiant Afghan Resistance, which the heroic Commander Massoud has called for. For a free, sovereign, modern, democratic and peaceful Afghanistan, but where the future, if not the fate, of all humanity is also at stake! For this fight is above all, on a more strategic level in terms of international order, a fight for peace, freedom, democracy – human and women’s rights, in general – but also, no less. essentially, for the security of Europe itself. That is to say, if its real challenge goes far beyond the borders of Afghanistan alone: ​​it is a global battle!

The honor of France

We therefore hope, Mr President, that this call, which we allow ourselves to address to you, will be heard. This is our moral duty, this “categorical imperative” so dear to the great Emmanuel Kant. This is also the case with the honor of France, and, in its prestigious wake, of this European Union that it presides over these days!

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