Actress Sand Van Roy is suing Luc Besson for rape in Belgium

Belgian-Dutch actress Sand Van Roy, who has already filed a lawsuit in French court, has filed a lawsuit for “rape” in a Belgian court against French filmmaker and producer Luc Besson, a judicial source said on Tuesday, confirming a report of Belgian media.

Sand Van Roy, 34, accuses Luc Besson, 63, of abusing her in a Parisian palace in May 2018, at a time when the former model had just collaborated with the director of “Grand bleu” and of the “Fifth Element”. She made an appearance in her film “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, released in 2017.

Sand Van Roy suffered a setback in French court two weeks ago, when the Paris Court of Appeal upheld Luc Besson’s December 2021 no-show order. The decision is in line with what the Paris General Prosecutor’s Office requested at a hearing in April.

No “real investigation”

In parallel with the proceedings in France, where the Court of Cassation will now have to rule, Sand Van Roy has instructed a Belgian lawyer to take the case to Belgian justice. A lawsuit for “rape” was filed in April in Bruges court, lawyer Joris Van Cauter said on Tuesday. Information confirmed by the prosecutor’s office of the Flemish city.

The complaint was filed “before the no-show” on appeal in Paris, “we believe that the investigation in France was not a real investigation, we did not do what needs to be done.” supported Mr. Van Cauter, refusing to go into detail.

An investigating judge has been seized in the Bruges court, and a closed-door hearing is scheduled for a September hearing before the council chamber (an investigative court) to decide what action to take. spokesman for the prosecutor’s office. Luc Besson has not yet been heard by the judge, according to the same source.

Thierry Marembert, the director’s Parisian lawyer, described on Tuesday the referral to a Belgian judge as a “diversion operation” by the opposing party. Since the beginning of the case four years ago, “seven different French magistrates, judges and prosecutors, all women, have examined these charges and all considered Mr Besson innocent and the criminal investigation had been thoroughly investigated.” , said the lawyer.

On May 18, 2018, Sand Van Roy filed a rape complaint, a few hours after an appointment at a Parisian palace whose protagonists gave two versions. The actress says she was the victim of forced digital penetration, which led to fainting. Luc Besson consistently denied the allegations and assured that the report was consented to.

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