Belp biker trial: firm sentences required for three of the 22 accused

The Bernese Public Prosecutor’s Office has demanded the firm imprisonment of three of the 22 bikers who clashed in May 2019 in Belp. A sentence of 9 and a half years is demanded for the main accused. During his indictment in the Berne-Mittelland Regional Court on Tuesday morning, prosecutor Marco Amstutz said the man should be convicted of attempted murder. He accused him of firing several shots during the brawl that pitted his Bandidos gang against that of the Hells Angels and their allies, the Broncos.

The defendant, who has already spent a few years behind bars, fired at a rival, seriously injuring his stomach and then at a parked car. It was “by chance” and thanks to the prompt rescue that no one died that day, the prosecutor said. For the second main accused, also a member of the Bandidos, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested 8 and a half years in prison, also for attempted murder. Armed with a 22cm knife, he allegedly stabbed a rival in the back twice while his victim was on the ground. An “absolutely treacherous” attack, the prosecutor said.

Among other sentences, he demanded 4 years in prison for a third Bandido. He struck a biker about 15 times – the same one who will then be stabbed in the back – with an electric cable. It was as if he had been beaten with a truncheon or an iron bar, the prosecutor said, believing that the accused should be convicted of attempted grievous bodily harm.

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No overflows

For the other 19 men present on the dock, from the two rival gangs, the prosecutor’s representative found them guilty of brawl. He demanded prison sentences of 6 to 14 months, depending on the case. The reading of the judgment is scheduled for the end of June. According to the prosecutor, the origin of this gang war comes from the installation of the Bandidos in Switzerland and the opening of a local in Belp. Hells Angels and Broncos felt provoked by the arrival of this rival on Swiss territory, which is why they decided to take action to intimidate.

The Bandidos, however, enjoyed their “visit.” They armed themselves and the clash between the two clans turned bloody. Police had arrested 34 people – 22 of whom were later taken to court – and seized several weapons, including handguns. Unlike the first days of the trial, no overflow took place in court on Tuesday. Supporters of the two gangs, who clashed last week on the sidelines of the trial, did not show up.

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