GMG4Business - How to take care of rental in dealerships

The long term rental enters more and more in dealership. But he has to do it right as he did, with the support of Dataforcethe Tuscan dealer WYD. In order to better take care of the companies in the area, the representative of three high-level brands, that is Audi, Mercedes And Volkswagen launched the program GMG4Business. “Thanks to the support of Dataforce, initially with a selected database of 6,300 positions, and then also with the support of their suitably trained call center, for the first time we left our salons, doing a real prospecting”, he comments Andrea Del Duca, the sales consultant called by the Tuscan dealer. He continues: “We want to become the reference point for mobility in the area and distinguish ourselves in the local business market and beyond. Starting from our website where, in addition to the dedicated offers for the Corporate, you can find news and information on taxes, products and services specifically dedicated to the business world. They greatly appreciated our consulting approach and the fact that we offered test drives on our entire range, especially electric, helping us to open many doors “. And to close about 18 sales out of 180 visits, “with a good redemption of 10% immediately with about 30% of interest aroused”. Sales that in fact are not only such, given that it is mainly long-term rental, in 95% of cases. With over 30% of electric. “In addition to the test drives, for this type of car he also helped us in the Audi bridge product, which allows us to give the vehicle back after 6 months if not satisfied with this solution”, explains Del Duca. Meetings organized to close contracts, but also a database on which to make “targeted campaigns”, as he points out Riccardo BaldazziHead of Marketing.

Company database. GMG has started its prospecting activity on companies in the provinces where it is active (the group was born 35 years ago from the family Birindelli and today it has 7 offices distributed in Empoli, Florence, Pistoia and Prato) thanks to a profiled database extracted from the Dataforce Fleetbase, which has 715 thousand operating companies (sole proprietors are excluded by default, for privacy reasons) for 15.2 millions of vehicles that the German business intelligence company has collected in Italy since 2004. “We are retracing the best practice of Dataforce in Germany since 2014, with activities based on a db born 2003, edited with periodic interviews, which led to the launch of 150 projects, of which 120 of lead generationwith over 300,000 calls from a contact center which, together with the entire business unit, has 35 employees “, he explains Massimo BossaBusiness development manager of the German company, who points out how “in Germany we work with Homes, dealers, fuel distribution, telematics and assistance companies. And, even in Italy, less than two years ago we started collaborating with dealers such as GMG and, also, with some manufacturers “.

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