Incentivi per le auto: alcuni fondi già in esaurimento

THE MOST POPULAR – The automotive sector continues to suffer after months of continuous declines in registrations, but the incentives introduced by the government to support the market are already running out. The risk therefore of not satisfying all the people who were considering replacing their car by taking advantage of the discount is more than concrete. If the trend continues as it has so far, within a few days there may be no more funds available for new cars with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 g / km for which they had been allocated 170 million in 2022. After all, these are the models most requested by motorists for the right mix of price and method of use. In fact, this category includes cars with hybrid and mild hybrid engines and with exclusively small-displacement thermal engines.

NOT ALL WILL BE SATISFIED? – At the moment, based on the latest data released by the Ministry of Economic Development, they have already been booked over 142.3 million of Euro. Furthermore, there does not seem to be a great chance of moving the funds from one emission band to another, thus trying to come to the aid of those who until now have not been able to make a reservation at the dealership.


M1 category vehicles (CARS)

Emissions level g / Km CO2

With the scrapping of a vehicle of the same category approved for the Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 classes

Without scrapping


€ 5,000

€ 3,000


€ 4,000

€ 2,000


€ 2,000


ELECTRICAL AND PLUG IN NOT CONVINCING – Despite the push that is being given to the cars electric thanks also to an expansion of the charging network in the area, still few seem to be attracted by this type of car. Or at least this is what is emerging from the opening of the platform to take advantage of the incentives. And it’s not going too different for them either plug-in hybrids. A predictable situation, as in both categories there are cars that are still too expensive for the average Italian’s pockets.

WHAT ABOUT DELIVERIES? – To make the situation even more complex there is a significant problem, which has been affecting the whole sector for some time now. Production times have now considerably lengthened a bit for all car manufacturers, but this risks preventing them from accessing incentives. For this to happen, in fact, it is necessary that the delivery does not exceed 180 days from the booking date. In recent weeks, the Minister of Economic Development Giorgetti had said he was willing to make an exception to the rule and introduce an extension, but at least for now nothing has been done yet.

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