Renault Arkana: Gritty and habitable

The multimedia is excellent, the “climate” is discreet

Dashboard and controls
Note the derivation of the Renault Arkana from the smaller Captur, in the seats and in the dashboard. But that’s not a bad thing, because the style is modern, the controls are well arranged and the finishes (almost always) neat. The tone is made sportier by the raised center tunnel and the many RS Line specific details. We are talking about the large inserts that simulate in a rather realistic way the carbon fiber, the red threads, the upholstery of the leather and Alcantara armchairs and the exposed aluminum pedals. The dashboard is digital; pity that the 10 “display of the car tested has been replaced in the most recent specimens, due to chip crisis and consequent supply problems, by the 7” display (always clearly visible, but less customizable and sporty) taken from the Captur.

The graphics of the dashboard and the color (there are eight to choose from) of the thin LEDs that run along the dashboard and the front doors are changed from the vertical central display facing the driver. The automatic “climate” of the Renault Arkana it is powerful, but only in a single zone, and the dashboard vents lack independent flow rate adjustment. The multimedia system is very good, which has everything as standard except the hi-fi from the Bose specialist with nine speakers. The 9.3 ” display is responsive and customizable thanks to icons and widgets (small animated cards or with basic commands) that can be positioned at will. There is no shortage of navigator, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the software updates automatically and without paying, by downloading data from the web via the internal SIM.

The tapered shape of the roof is deceptive, because the passenger compartment of the Renault Arkana it is really spacious, especially in the back: the sofa is wide and there are many centimeters for legs and head. The comfortable seats are electrically adjusted (the driving seat also in the lumbar area) and the thin headrests help visibility from the side. The sofa offers excellent comfort on the sides, while in the center it is a bit stiff and raised. Present a retractable central armrest, three light points and large pockets in the doors and behind the seats. The cabinet also houses two vents (with non-adjustable temperature) and two USB sockets.

The loading mouth is wide (but opens 78 cm from the ground), there is a lot of space and the platform can stand on two different heights: the difference is 15 cm. Even when it is down, the bottom connects (there is a sloping slide) with the reclined sofa. There are large indentations on the sides, but no hooks or a through hatch in the sofa; discreet finishes and the angular metal block of the lock on the tailgate too protruding (those who are tall risk hitting it with their head). If desired, there is space for the spare wheel (optional) in the compartment under the main one.

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