The manga phenomenon "One Piece" will soon come to an end

After 25 years of existence and 490 million copies sold worldwide, the manga phenomenon One Piece enters its final phase, its creator Eiichiro Oda of Japan announced on Tuesday. The series, whose plot is currently focused on the saga of the land of the Wa – inspired by feudal Japan, will be paused for a month from the end of June and will resume on July 25, to allow its author to prepare his fine.

“I want to rearrange the structure (of One Piece, ed.) so as to complete the final chapter as quickly as possible. So Forgive me but I’m going to take a break to get everything ready! ” Eiichiro Oda explained in a handwritten message posted on the manga team’s official Twitter account in the magazine Shonen Jump. New pages are usually published every Monday in Japan in the famous manga weekly of the publisher Shueisha.

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More than 100 volumes and a world record

“We had the news for a few weeks, but we were waiting for it to be made official on the Japanese side,” Glénat, the series’ publisher in France, the world’s second largest manga market, told AFP. Since the release of volume 1 in 1997 in Japan, the hunt for the One Piece, a treasure coveted by all pirates and first and foremost Monkey D. Luffy, the hero of the series, now has more than 100 volumes and 1000 chapters.

The adventures of the straw hat pirate never cease to fascinate the whole world: the manga has also established itself as one of the most popular animated series in the world. Eiichiro Oda, 47, was even awarded a “Guinness World Record” in the category of “largest number of copies of the same comic published by a single author.”

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One cult manga ends, another resumes

The streaming platform Netflix, which is preparing for the upcoming release of an adapted series from the universe of One Piece, released the first images of its adaptation on Monday, without revealing the release date. Conversely One Piece, another cult manga, considered finished, will eventually resume service. This is Berserk of Kentaro Miura, a Japanese mangaka who died in early May at the age of 54 of a rare disease.

It is his best friend Koji Mori who will be in charge of continuing his work, supported by the Hakusensha publishing house, he said in a statement released on Twitter on Tuesday. “I’ll just write the episodes Miura told me about.” I will not deviate. I will not write episodes that I do not clearly remember. I will only write the lines and stories that Miura described to me, ”he wrote.

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