Apple CarPlay: una vera rivoluzione

SINCE SEPTEMBER – On the occasion of the last WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), the annual conference dedicated to software developers, Apple unveiled several news for CarPlay (watch the video below), which will be introduced together with the next release of the operating system iOS 16 expected for iPhones in September of 2022.

MUCH MORE INTEGRATED – What’s new in Apple CarPlay are related both to the graphic layout and to the functionalities. In fact, with the latest release it will be possible, in addition to the use of some smartphone applications through the screen of the car multimedia system, also the control of some car parameterssuch as climate or seat heating.

FITS – From a graphic point of view Apple CarPlay 2022 it adapts to different types of screens and is therefore “scalable” by virtue of the size and orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the multimedia system screen. It also allows support for several screens at the same timeallowing you to also manage the digital instrument panel, thus reporting information such as the water or oil temperature, cruising speed and range.

MAPS UPDATED – Step forward also with regard to Maps, which are updated to compete with the great rival of all time, namely Google Maps. Among the new features introduced there is the possibility to plan an itinerary in stages, and to create a trip with an Apple device and then share it with Apple CarPlay.

MUCH MORE EXTENDED FUNCTIONALITY – The new version of Apple CarPlay therefore represents a big step forward especially in terms of integration with on-board electronics of the car’s systems, as well as all sensors. Compared to the past, it is therefore able to communicate with the car’s diagnostic control system, extracting data from the electronic control unit and using them in a platform that can also operate autonomously.

COMPATIBILITY – The introduction on iPhones from iOS 16 does not mean that all vehicles will use the new functions of the new Apple CarPlay: the diffusion on cars will be progressivein fact the same house of the Apple states that the first cars that will exploit all its capabilities will arrive at end of 2023. Among the car manufacturers that have chosen to collaborate with the Cupertino company are Ford, Lincoln, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Jaguar and Land Rover, Audi, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche and Mercedes.

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