Cabbage in KFC sandwiches in Australia?  But this is the apocalypse!

Come on, let’s take a look at this overly hot story from the news agencies around the world. It is a very good form of inauguration for the new Australian Prime Minister. Labor MP Anthony Albanese, in place since last May 23. He wanted to “let the world know that there has been a change of government” in Canberra. Well, it worked out, since he reacted this Thursday to the “gate” Cabbage gate in antipodean vernacular language, easily hashtagable.

What is it about? A real “scandal” that is stirring social media after the decision of the American fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), universally known for its fried chicken recipes. But nothing to do, here, with the famous hen of the good Colonel Harland Sanders, since the said trappings It’s about a brew, the common cabbage, that KFC set out to introduce to his salad – so cut his salad, so be careful! – traditionally composed of lettuce alone. This does not fail to trigger real reflexes on the networks:

Reason given by the fryer? The galloping inflation that affects lettuce, a noble herbaceous plant whose cultivation was ordered in the royal estates by this sacred Charlemagne a good dozen centuries ago via the capitular De Villis, than the magazine Hortus-Focus presents as the great work of the English scholar and theologian Alcuin. Which then delivers “a beautiful compilation of plants to plant for their culinary, spice or medicinal virtues.”

Cabbages are also nutritious and healthy. So it’s hard to understand why Anthony Albanese called this decision KFC “crazy,” especially since it’s just about replacing half the lettuce with cabbage in his chicken burgers. and other products. One only has to understand here that it was humor, HU-MOUR, when one knows, via, that the head of government spoke of madness with laughter, adding that when his son had heard this news, he had been “devastated.” “By having your head down, that’s what’s happening!” comments an internet user of 20 minutes.

Subtext: There may be more serious issues, right? Like this national “crisis” in this country where inflation has risen to 5.1%, causing a significant loss of purchasing power among consumers. Quite naturally, therefore, the price of lettuce increased by 300%. This is affecting some Australian cities, due to recent floods and rising global fuel prices.

It’s nothing, because a single head of iceberg lettuce, which was once bought for about 1 fr. 40, now reaches almost 5 fr. 60, as in Sydney and Melbourne. As a logical consequence, KFC announced earlier this week that its Australian customers should be content with a half-salad, half-cabbage mix in its sandwiches. A decision that has angered many netizens. “Cabbage is not the same as lettuce.” Mechanically following the mourners’ chorus, saying it was “just not right” in the face of Sydney’s KIIS FM radio microphones, the prime minister then vowed: “I’ll put that on the cabinet list today.” hui. Chou-gate! ”

Also the Brisbane Times, “If the lettuce shortage forces KFC to put cabbage in its burgers, it’s because the Australian National Bank is reluctant to take action to slow inflation.” She seems to be unaware that… “the iceberg is always hiding in the shadows before notching the hulls of ships.”

So let’s face it, let’s scratch our wallet funds, knowing “grocery prices will continue to rise for the rest of the year. […] Icebergs that sell poorly tend to become less desirable day by day. The heart of these poor little things is softening. The leaves wither. Let us predict that in the face of such a prospect, buyers in a hurry are about to offer a return to more classic varieties. ”…

… Wild grass, picked in the wild, is starting to look appetizing

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