Hirslanden clinics are refusing an offer to buy MSC

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a Geneva-based group known to the general public for its cruises, is interested in Mediclinic International, the South African owner of Hirslanden Clinics. Employees were informed today that MSC has partnered with Remgro Limited to acquire a 100% stake in Mediclinic. Remgro is a South African-based investment holding company that has been a founding and major shareholder of Mediclinic since 1983.

In a statement, Mediclinic confirmed that it had received an offer, but was not solicited, on May 26. “Mediclinic’s board of directors (excluding Remgro’s representative) discussed the proposal with its advisers and concluded that it significantly underestimated Mediclinic and its future prospects,” the text said. As a result, on May 31, 2022, the Mediclinic Board of Directors (excluding the Remgro representative) unanimously rejected the proposal. ”

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“There is no certainty that an offer will be made or that a transaction will take place,” said Mediconnic CEO Ronnie van der Merwe’s message to employees this morning. This group, which operates in South Africa, England, the Middle East and Switzerland, has 74 hospitals with 33,000 employees.

In a statement issued on Thursday, June 9, the group installed on Chemin Rieu confirmed the rejection of the offer. “The Consortium (MSC and Remgro, ed) reflects on his position. There can be no assurance that an offer will be made, “the text reads.” Another announcement will be made if necessary. “

Owned by the Aponte family, MSC seems to be on the way to a significant diversification of its activities. Partnered with Lufthansa, the company has taken an interest in the takeover of ITA Airways, a company born from the ashes of Alitalia, the Italian national airline. According to the Italian press, MSC and Lufthansa would target 80% of the company’s capital, 60% for MSC, 20% for Lufthansa.

In March this year, the Bolloré Group and MSC announced an agreement to buy logistics services in Africa for the former for 5.7 billion euros.

In addition to cruising, MSC is active in freight, of which it is the world leader. Since January of this year, the Geneva-based group has had a larger tonnage capacity than Maersk, the industry’s traditional heavyweight. This activity has been growing rapidly for several months. MSC does not publish its economic results. Its competitor in this field, Maersk, announced a new record profit for the first quarter of 2022, at $ 6.8 billion. This is the 14th consecutive quarter of profit growth for the shipowner. Over the past few months, it has more than doubled its net profit from last year.

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