Alexandre Jollien is the subject of a criminal complaint for sexual assault in France

Sexual assault and exhibition. These are the two grievances that the philosopher and writer Alexandre Jollien has to face. A 26-year-old student filed a criminal complaint against the Valaisan for these two reasons, on June 19 in Paris.

According to The Parisian, which reveals the case in its Friday edition, an investigation is underway. She was handed over to the Reception and Investigation Service of the 5th arrondissement of the French capital, which has not yet heard Alexandre Jollien. The latter is presumed innocent.

Facts that would date back to 2015

The alleged incidents took place in 2015 while the young man in question was doing an internship at the publishing house Les Arènes / L’Iconoclaste, for which Alexandre Jollien was publishing on that date. The 20-year-old at the time of the alleged events, the student recounts, according to the French daily, a complicity that has taken a more equivocal turn. He mentions touching, but also the fact that the philosopher allegedly opened the door to his hotel room – where he worked – while he was naked. According to the young man’s account, Alexandre Jollien also asked him to give him a hand massage, which he agreed to, and repeatedly offered to undress, which he refused.

The student says he talked about it in the publishing house but did not file a complaint at the time. “I do not blame Alexandre Jollien for his desire. […] My point is just to say that I was harassed, ”he told the French daily.

Alexandre Jollien “totally disputes”

The 46-year-old philosopher, who is severely handicapped by a cerebral palsy and needs constant “help” in his daily and professional life, “totally disputes” these accusations, his lawyer Philippe Guillemard told AFP. “I have never imposed anything on anyone of a sexual nature,” his client said in a written exchange with The Parisian, a copy of which was obtained by AFP. In this exchange, the writer admitted that he found himself naked once in front of the trainee, in the presence of other collaborators during a work session.

Alexandre Jollien’s lawyer, Philippe Guillemard, told AFP he had “the impression that timing is not spontaneous: there is a will to harm”. “People who know him know it’s kindness.” [Les faits dénoncés] are in total contradiction with what he is and what he has been able to express through his writings, he is very concerned about others and respect for the law, ”the lawyer added.

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