Così Mobilize riscrive un pezzo di mobilità

DESIGNED FOR THOSE WHO USE THE CAR FOR A TRADE – Traffic does not flow, free parking spaces are a mirage. And to make matters worse, as if that weren’t enough, there is always him, pollution. From smog, of course, but also acoustic. The problems connected with mobility today, in large European cities, are many and complex. Especially for those motorists who, in the car, have decided to make a work tool and at the wheel, every day – often weekends included – spend even more than eight hours. On their current and future needs, through division Mobilizeborn about a year and a half ago, in January 2021, on Renault group has modeled an unprecedented offer in which the vehicle comes out of its object dimension as a simple means of transport and is transformed into a fundamental piece of a service with much wider outlines.

ALL INCLUDED – The acronym “VaaS”, which stands for “Vehicle as a service”, contains a mobility vision innovative. Mobilize he built it by looking through the lenses of the gods taxi drivers and of rental operators with driver. And setting itself a very ambitious goal: to contribute a 20% share to the Renault group’s revenues by 2030, when – according to experts’ estimates – the passenger transport sector in Europe will have grown by 80%. The needs of service providers and customers who use them vary from city to city, of course, but the underlying principle is always the same: to provide, in a single all-inclusive package, financing, insurance policies and energy-related services , as well as the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

MADE IN CHINA, BUT EUROPEAN – The first “tool” chosen by Mobilize to contribute to the revolution, already underway, of mobility in European metropolises, it is called Silt and is a medium-large classic sedan, built on a dedicated electric platform (here to know more). It is built in a factory west of Nanchang by Jiangling Motors, a Chinese carmaker 50% owned by Renault, but the style and build quality are clearly designed to intercept (and satisfy) the tastes and needs of Western drivers.

THE CAR IS NOT FOR SALE … – For a precise choice of company business, the Mobilize Limo you will not be able to buy, but just rent. With traditional cars destined to disappear from circulation in the countries of the Old Continent (just yesterday the European Parliament approved the stop to endothermic engines by 2035, marking a heavy acceleration stage towards the end of vehicles powered by petrol and diesel, here to find out more), the call is for those sector operators I transport people who, working mainly in the city, are starting to consider using a power car, but are not interested in a “traditional” purchase. It is by inserting itself into this developing scenario, according to which the car is transformed, in fact, into an all-round service and the concept of private property gradually tends to dissolve, that Mobilize plays its great bet.

… BUT THE SERVICE YES – For independent drivers, therefore taxi drivers and rental operators with driver, the offer includes subscriptions with the possibility of choosing the mileage, a duration varying between three months and three years and rates starting from 1,499 euros (VAT included) per month for 36 months / 150,000 kilometers. The contract is signed online, with a few clicks, by accessing, without having to pay any advance and incurring additional extra costs, a range of services ranging from scheduled car maintenance to replacement of components subject to wear, from tire change to assistance. road 24 hours a day every day, until kasko policy for the entire duration of the subscription and the life cycle of the vehicle, estimated at 630,000 kilometers. Mobilize’s financial services also include a series of offers for fleet operators, with rentals that can last up to six years / 300,000 kilometers. In all cases, compared to traditional companies in the sector (which still focus on endothermic or hybrid propulsion vehicles) the savings for the customer would be around 10%.

NOTHING IS THROWING AWAY – Another central aspect, in the vision of the mobility of the future traced by Mobilize, is attention to the environment. Once returned by the customer, the Limo, built with ecological and recyclable materials, will be regenerated by the parent company in all their bodywork and mechanical components, including, of course, the batteries, for which a recovery process as soon as their “chemical age” is no longer suitable for guaranteeing the perfect efficiency of the car.

IT STARTS IN MADRID, ITALY IN 2023 – The adventure of Mobilize starts this month in Spain and more precisely in Madrid, where the rental company with driver Cabify has already “enrolled” forty Limo in its fleet. From next autumn, the offer will also be available in Paris, and will then be extended to other cities, Also in Italy. In our country Mobilize will arrive in the course of 2023: before a Milanwhich according to recent studies is the city with the highest potential for shared mobility in Europe, then in Turin and Rome.

OUR FIRST TEST IN THE CITY – Just in Madrid, yesterday, we saw live and tried for the first time there Mobilize Limo. The first impression, even before leaving, wrapped in the relaxing silence typical of electric cars, is that of a car well done, built with quality materials and great precision in assembly, both inside and out. The space on board is considerable, especially when compared to the external dimensions (the length is close to 4.7 meters), and thanks to a wheelbase of 2.8 meters and a practically flat floor, even the tallest rear passengers have great comfort for the legs. The driver’s seat is designed with those who have to spend an entire working day there in mind: it’s comfortable and everything is close at hand, easily accessible without ever having to be distracted from driving. Many controls are operated by physical buttons, such as the air conditioning, whose display on the central tunnel is not always clearly visible in the sun. All the main indications, however, are shown on the large screen in the upper part of the dashboard, which is divided into two monitors: the first, behind the steering wheel, is 10.2 “and acts as a digital dashboard, the second, adjacent, measures 12.3 ”and projects the information of the on-board services. As standard there are the most advanced driver assistance systems, from adaptive cruise control to lane keeping and four cameras allow you to have a 360 ° view of the surrounding environment, simplifying maneuvers.

AUTONOMY AND RECHARGE – L’autonomy of declared mileage is 450 kilometers (WLTP cycle), a more than good value considering that the natural habitat of the car is the city. Between one traffic light and the next, the Mobilize Limo goes away smoothly and even without pressing the accelerator pedal fully you can put your nose in front of even much more powerful cars. The maximum power is 250 HP, discharged to the ground on the front wheels only and never brutal, even if, when necessary, the sprint is excellent, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just over five seconds. Finally, a note on recharging methods: to refuel the 60 kWh battery, you can connect to a wall box, using domestic alternating current, or to a fast direct current charging socket, with power up to 75 kW. With the latter technology it is possible to charge more than half the battery, for a range of about 250 kilometers, in about forty minutes.

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