Morane, 24: "I prefer comfortable clothes, which I find in thrift stores"

“I’m from Zion, Valais, and I came to Geneva to study.” I became interested in fashion when I was younger. I followed the parades, the fashion weeks, and so on But I’m a little tired of this universe, even if I still take a look at the networks. I prefer comfortable clothes, which I find mainly in thrift stores. This is where you can find unique pieces, and it’s always better than that fast fashion! I like to combine some basic pieces with an original element, whether it’s textile or color. I also “steal” clothes from my parents. My mother was pretty coquettish in her youth, so I like to borrow her old clothes. At my dad’s, I’m going to get jackets and sweaters instead oversized. »

“I found mine news second hand at Emmaus. I like her look oversized and its color. She also has fairly pronounced shoulder pads, which remind me of Balenciaga outfits from a few years ago. ”

«Mon top, it’s my mother’s. I searched his belongings on my way home to Zion to find him. He comes from Tally Weijl’s house, I think. I love its flashy color and very elastic material, in which I feel very comfortable. ”

«Mes tattoos have no particular meanings. The one on my sternum means “occult” in phonetics, and I did it with my best friend. On my back is a large piece inspired by the work of a Japanese painter: Toshio Saeki, who passed away in 2019. ”

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“What the jeans is all the more basic. I like to wear them, because it literally goes with everything. And as a rule, I choose a rather baggy cut; I don’t like to wear tight pants. ”

“I’ve been wearing these for three years now shoes Buffalo almost every day. I’m going to have to buy them back soon, they’re starting to get really screwed up (laughs). I like to wear platform shoes. It was pretty original a few years ago, but today everyone started wearing it. ”

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