Prince Charles says he is "dismayed" by the sending of migrants to Rwanda

Prince Charles has privately called the British government’s plan to return illegal migrants to the United Kingdom “dismaying” in private, the daily reported on Saturday. The Timesa few days before the first scheduled departures.

A source told the newspaper that he had heard the 73-year-old prince repeatedly express in private his opposition to the policy of deterring illegal crossings of the English Channel by increasing numbers of migrants. On April 14, the British government announced an agreement with Rwanda. Against € 144 million in funding, the East African country has pledged to welcome migrants deported by the UK and “offer them legal ways to live” there.

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The heir to the British crown said he was particularly embarrassed by the issue, fearing that it would overshadow a Commonwealth meeting to be held from June 20 in Rwanda, where he will represent his mother Queen Elizabeth II. “He said he was more than disappointed with this policy,” the anonymous source said. “He said he thought the whole government’s approach was appalling,” she said. On Friday, 23 NGOs also called on Commonwealth leaders to put pressure on Rwanda at the meeting, to free the country from opponents of the government and allow greater freedom of expression.

A politically “neutral” heir

Clarence House, who handles Prince Charles’ communication, did not deny his words but insisted on the political neutrality of the heir to the throne. “We do not comment on alleged anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, except to reaffirm that he remains politically neutral. Political issues are decisions for the government, ”a spokesman said.

Although Prince Charles has expressed his views on various topics throughout his life, his interventions on controversial issues have become rarer in recent years as he prepares to succeed his mother Elizabeth II. 96 years old. In a BBC interview in 2018, he vowed to remain neutral once he became king.

A first flight scheduled for Tuesday

A first flight carrying some 30 asylum seekers who arrived in the UK illegally is scheduled for Tuesday, following the failure on Friday of the prosecution of refugee advocacy associations. Judge Jonathan Swift, cited by International mail, considered that there was a “public interest” to implement the government’s plan and that the risks of deportees to Rwanda and “Speculation”

A precedent in Australia: Nauru, the ruined island converted into the detention of migrants

Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomed the court’s decision. On Twitter, he said, “We cannot allow human traffickers to be in danger, and our world-class partnership will help break the business model of these ruthless criminals.”

The complainants, including the associations Care4Calais and Detention Action, however, appealed, which will be heard on Monday, on the eve of the first scheduled departures. The United Nations and the Anglican Church have also expressed opposition to the British plan.

According to NGOs, more than 130 asylum seekers were notified of their possible departure on 14 June. However, more than 90 of them have already filed lawsuits to stay in the UK, lawyers say.

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