The Windless Golden Bowl, let's be patient

There is no cloud in the sky this Saturday over Lake Geneva. And while the weather forecast wasn’t forgiving yesterday for browsers, it didn’t improve this Saturday.

But that doesn’t stop the 437 boats initially registered from being present at the start of the 83rd edition of the Mirabaud Golden Bowl. Like last year, the largest indoor pool regatta in the world will take place in a timid atmosphere.

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“The fact that the departure is postponed to 10 am allows you to benefit from the air generated by the heat gain,” said meteorologist Lionel Fontannaz, a few minutes before departure. It is indeed mainly thanks to thermal winds that the boats will be able to move on the lake between Saturday and Sunday. “You can see the dry season (a daytime breeze from the northeast, NE) on the small lake,” says the forecaster. But after Morges, we will enter a thermal regime ”.

However, the sky specialist hopes that the Morget will wake up in the evening thanks to a remnant of NE wind that animates the sky at altitude. According to him, it will be especially during the night with the thermals that navigators can hope to advance.

Patience and strategy

Patience will therefore be the watchword of the regatta. And strategy. Because the lack of wind will require even more attention and cunning from freshwater sailors. No one knows when their arrival could be expected. But we already know the favorites.

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Fifteen M2, six TF35 and one D35 could depending on the conditions win the multihull victory. The main issue is the flight options for those with foils. Because it is enough for the TF35s to sail for 20% of the race on their foils for them to win. But to achieve this, these high-tech multihulls still require 6.5 knots in the carrier (tailwind), or 8 knots in the meadow (headwind). It’s a little windy, but it’s not the one that’s blowing off Geneva this Saturday.

A cautious start

Still mostly on the Golden Bowl, 104 Surprise, the Lake Geneva popular class will be vying for the lake over the weekend. The Vermeil Bowl, reserved for monohulls, could return to the already winning Hungarian Libera Raffica in the last two editions. But keep an eye out for the Psaros 40 as well as the Luthi 1090 which are in stark competition against the Hungarian team.

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A few minutes before 10 a.m., all competitors shared the starting line. And everyone knew that if they crossed it in the last five minutes before the old grenadiers fired their shots from the shore, they would suffer a 60-minute penalty. Everyone knew that if this misfortune happened last year to the navigator Alan Roura who was taking part in the race on a Surprise, it could also hit them. Fortunately, no mistakes were made, and the “Pan!” pulled by the man in uniform, each boat still wisely stood behind the line.

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So this is a turtle race that is likely to take place this Saturday on Lake Geneva waters. It doesn’t matter, after all, seeing this swarm of sails crossing Lake Geneva remains a beautiful sight.

Follow them by the organizing team of the Golden Bowl (it makes a point every hour, at a fixed time):

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