Emmanuel Macron in the face of the need for opposition in a democracy

As in the presidential election, the legislative elections came to a close at the end of the campaign, when Emmanuel Macron began to feel threatened. After playing the clock for weeks, dragging down the appointment of his new government and anesthetizing the debate so that no waves could arise, the president was forced to wake up in recent days in light of the latest polls, which endanger its majority. Purchasing power measures, shocking statements about the dangers of a radical left-wing policy, a “flash mission” to save hospital emergencies, education reforms – the government is now opening its doors to put out the fire.

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It is that by leaving all the space to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his New Ecological and Social People’s Union, Macronie has demonstrated the need for opposition in a democracy. The main issue of this election is indeed whether this Sunday, in the first round, the new historic alliance of the left succeeds in creating a powerful alternative, capable of endangering the Macronian monopoly that dominates politics. French for five years. If so, this “electroshock” could trigger a dynamic that would cause the president to lose his absolute majority on June 19, forcing him to seek allies and especially to listen to the reproaches that are made to his policy.

For, if the Melenchonists are most likely not to have a majority, they can be relied upon to be heard in the Assembly and in public debate if their alliance succeeds and survives. They will be large enough to weigh in and demand answers. And as the Yellow Jackets crisis has shown, anger is always more useful and healthier when it is expressed in parliament and not just on the streets.

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Democracy does not work for long without an opposition that really weighs, a force that one is forced to take seriously, to which one must really respond, including through actions and measures. Power needs to be held accountable, it gets better when it is watched, “challenged,” as startups dear to Emmanuel Macron would say. Without real parliamentary and political opposition, the risk is that the ruling party will aggravate its obstacles, persist and go too far. Or, worse, that frustrations, there are many in France, have no choice but chaos to express themselves. Until the next election, where the worst would be to fear…

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