Woodland in Zurich, in the colors of "Top Gun"

James Bond engulfs body and property in a calamitous finale, here is finally a hero. A real one. AND its anti-shock, anti-pressurizing and probably also anti-spy chronograph. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, his leather jacket thicker than that of an old buffalo, his flying or rolling cars, his band of burnt heads. And the torrid scenery of the American West…

Q, Mr. Gadgets of 007, not being available, it was the Schaffhausen watch brand IWC that equipped Tom Cruise. There is no question of letting it fly over the Mojaves desert and its perils without first equipping it with a chronograph of supersonic beauty, with all the essential trinkets.

“Total” event

So today, IWC unveils its new collection of iconic aviator watches in Zurich. And the Silo, as part arty of the former Löwenbräu brewery, has been fully dressed to accommodate a themed pop-up dedicated to the theme of Top Gun. The event is meant to be total, it will be musical in particular, the score having been entrusted to another Hollywood star accustomed to blockbusters, the Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer.

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Named Woodland, this pop-up has been entrusted – for its gastronomic part – to one of our most creative and original chefs, Nenad Mlinarevic. “Woodland will appeal to all senses and this is a challenge I loved to take on,” the Zurich leader told the magazine Falstaff. Mission impossible? Not for this 30-year-old with a velvet eye and a tattooed body, able to give up any non-local ingredients (including cocoa and spices, at the time of the famous Park Hotel in Vitznau) to reinvent a virtuoso score…

Top secret, too

Hard to know more – Top Gun is never far from top secret – but it is still rumored that color is the main source of inspiration for this seasonal menu: chronographs are monochrome and so will plates. Or rather the shades inspired by the places dear to Pete “Maverick” Mitchell: the ocher of the Mojaves, the crystalline purity of Lake Tahoe or the intense green of the forests of North America.

And the chef, who excels at playing with textures, combining distant references and local ingredients, will certainly be able to intrigue and awaken all the senses… For the record, Nenad Mlinarevic is also the originator of two of the most inspired tables of Zurich: Bauernschänke and New Tavern.

Pop-Up-Restaurant Woodland, Löwenbrau-Areal, Limmatstrasse 254, Zurich, ma-sa from 6 pm until June 25 (waiting list), 4-course menu at 120 francs. Find out all articles in the section “One day, an idea».

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