James May has "converted" to electric scooters

James May has

In the last piece for the column he keeps in the British newspaper The Times, James May ventured into a kind of ironic praise to electric scooters, or rather, to the so-called “micromobility”. A first-person account specifically of the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, that he drives on the street “breaking the law” and that he admits he would have liked even in his teens “along with the iPad, streaming TV and internet porn”.

On the contrary, May buys it at the age of over fifty, and seems to be fascinated by it. Though…

James May and the electric scooter

For May, who we know is the most alternative of the trio also composed by Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, electric scooters are not to be demonized. In his article he refers to the British government, which has effectively made it illegal to use these vehicles on public roads without achieving great success, as the British still use them. May himself admits that trying to control the use of electric scooters is a futile undertaking: “you can also legislate against people who try to say the words when they erupt “he writes, discrediting in a way that is not at all veiled the actions of the government of Boris Johnson. Which, not surprisingly, begins to yield.

James May appreciates the electric scooter because for him it’s little more than walking, he appreciates it the three driving modes (Eco, Standard, Sport) of his Xiaomi, the real autonomy of 32 km and the maximum speed of 25 km / h. A vehicle that he defines as wonderful for its ease of use and charging, and because it allows you to move around without the slightest effort.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3

As with everything, though, there is always the downside. Already in the moments of praise of the scooter, there is a certain irony in the writing: May jokes that starting with the scooter the world “seems to him”, because he must not “constantly lifting each foot up and facing the other in the accepted way of what we call ‘walking’, incredibly old-fashioned and ridiculous idea“. And although riding a scooter is “cool” and youthful, the doubt soon emerges on the actual usefulness of a scooter. Maybe as a means of his weird idea of transform the London Underground into cycling freewaysbut not so much on the street.

May admits that when she drives, she always expects an accident: the construction of the vehicle seems precarious to him, the wheels are small, the front brake is missing and the driven rear disc doesn’t seem strong to him. And while 25km / h may seem short, May invites everyone to jump out of the car at that speed to understand that it can be quite dangerous. Even as a means to go shopping, even if it is not very significant, it is not ideal: a bag full of groceries would compromise its stabilityand from parked it is easy for it to be stolen.

May focuses on rental

For these reasons, James May ultimately considers renting scooters more effective than buying them: open the app, get on, drive to your next destination, get off and then it becomes someone else’s problem. Also, scooters for rent they are generally larger and have larger wheels that resist holes better, two characteristics that make them more uncomfortable to own when you need to bring them back to the apartment, but safer as a means of transport.

Obviously, if you don’t go against a bicycle with pedal assistance, which for May practically makes everything else lose sense. That yes, which is a brilliant invention.


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