On Sandrine Rousseau's party, the French radical left wants to believe in the party

Sandrine Rousseau’s election night takes place at the bistro at La Nouvelle gare, a stone’s throw from Station F, the incubator of billionaire Xavier Niel, in Paris. But this is not an anti-capitalist nod, we are told: this bar regularly serves as a meeting place for environmentalists in the capital’s 13th arrondissement.

Dozens of activists, mostly young people looking like trendy or bohemian students, are chatting over beers while waiting for their champion who spent the evening on TV sets commenting on national results. Sandrine Rousseau has become one of the most mediated figures in Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). A radical candidate for the presidential primary of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), she never stopped pointing out the lack of vigor of her camp, which she found too consensual. It is therefore natural that she has become one of the most ardent workers’ ankles in the union with La France Insoumise.

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At La Nouvelle gare, it’s not a big night party but not a glass of disappointment either. Leaning on this zinc bar as found on every street in Paris, a hand-rolled cigarette, Romain, a young EELV activist in the nearby suburbs, came to congratulate the environmentalists in the constituency. He recalled that his party had no members in the previous National Assembly. For him, everything remains open at the national level, but he acknowledges that the goal is above all to “create a powerful and united opposition.” And the left has gone so far that it already has the guarantee of what it considers a great success. “We are catching up, and we need as many MPs as possible to fight the social scarcity of this Macron term.”

Julien Landureau, Sandrine Rousseau’s campaign spokesperson, was the representative of Insubordinate France in the constituency. He also sees in this first round “a real disappointment for the presidential majority.” For him, in the coming week, it is a matter of imposing “an anti-Macron referendum to prevent the social breakdown from continuing”. Another goal, if the final victory was to go away: to push the presidential majority to have to form an alliance with the Republicans. “If they do not have an absolute majority, then they will have to make such agreements that will prove that they are on the right. It will be a good clarification for us. ”

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Fight like crazy

The atmosphere comes to life around 11pm when the candidate finally arrives. The “Sandrine!” Sandrine! ” and the applause quickly turns into a hymn: “She’s here!” She is here! Even if Macron doesn’t want it! ” The atmosphere is becoming more and more festive. From the victory at the national level, we move to great optimism at the local level because the score of Sandrine Rousseau has just fallen: 43% in the first round, 16 points ahead of the outgoing in this 9th constituency of Paris which had passed in macronist camp five years ago. The parachuting of this long-standing Lilloise is therefore going for the best and its choice is almost done. “But we’re not going to let go,” she said. Tomorrow at 8 o’clock, we deal in front of the schools! ”

Although she still believes it is possible that a shock will cause the majority to move to the left (“the duel is necessary, we are faced with a choice of society,” she tells us), Sandrine Rousseau still projects herself in an Assembly where the elected officials of his camp “will fight like crazy” against retirement at age 65 and for “a stronger ecological fork” in the face of Macron.

It is felt that his happiness also comes from the very existence of this new covenant. She is indeed taking a close look at the last few months, she who has done everything to make this union of the left take place, especially on a line of radicalism. “You see, I was right.” Now we are in the lead. ”

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