Sanlorenzo SP110: the first yacht in the Smart Performance range

Sanlorenzo SP110: the first yacht in the Smart Performance range

Sanlorenzo SP110: Bernardo and Martina Zuccon sign SP110a model that brings Sanlorenzo into the world of sports boats with the new range SP, Smart Performance. The complex and exciting project stems from a meeting of skills and experience: the Studio has in fact collaborated closely with Tilli Antonelli, a name that has made the history of boating, today development and product manager of Sanlorenzo, and with the architect Piero Lissoni, who took care of the décor.

Sanlorenzo SP110: characteristics

Sanlorenzo SP110

SP110 is part of the typological research logic that distinguishes Zuccon’s work. He started from the idea of ​​the performance boat, creating new stimuli, both from a stylistic and technical point of view, and from a functional and ergonomic point of view.

With SP110 Sanlorenzo presents for the first time a sports boat, where however it finds itself in that fil rouge that connects all the products of the brand. SP110, which will be built in carbon and fiberglassis extremely, minimalist in every detail.

The minimalist theme it is found in many aspects of the boat. For example, in the air intakes, which have been hidden, with stylistic play that accompanies the curvature of the glass. As well as the anchor that is not completely visible, there is only a cut at the extreme bow that will give the possibility to use it.

For what concern interior layout, SP110 sees a living area developed on two different levels that communicate with each other through a system of double heights. The minimalist concept is taken to the extreme in the stern that opens towards the sea: a terrace that extends completely over the water, in which all the technical information concerning the descent of the ladder, the gangway, are also hidden, not visible. nothing.

Sanlorenzo SP110

The idea is to transform the boat between movement and stillness: in movement this object is hermetic, closed, compact, the focus is entirely on aerodynamic and hydrodynamic performance and then, instead, opens when the boat is at founded. From the cockpit a hatch opens from which the stairs are generated to reach the beach for the descent to the sea and is configured in many ways becoming a very rich and livable area.

SP110 is the first yacht of the SP range, created with the aim of making a high-performance motor yacht, which otherwise would be in stark contrast to any principle of sustainability, a jewel of technological and energy efficiency. The “Smart Performance” Yacht. This is made possible thanks to a series of measures such as the use of lightweight materials, the choice of electro components with a very high energy class but also the design of a special hull whose geometries have allowed an optimization of the resistance coefficient ‘water and the choice of significantly more performing engines in terms of weight and consumption.


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