Stellantis - The "Freedom of Mobility Forum" is born.  And the group announces the exit from ACEA

With a press release issued on Monday evening, the group Stellantis announced the creation of the “Freedom of Mobility Forum”an annual appointment that aims to address the numerous issues on the table of the mobility of the future, through “a decision-making process based on facts, which identifies the solutions to bring freedom of clean, safe and convenient mobility for society, to facing the implications of global warming “.

Tavares: “360 degree approach”. This new platform, which will meet for the first time at the beginning of 2023, aims to have characteristics of heterogeneity in its composition: “The environmental challenges that await us”, as stated by the CEO Carlos Tavares on the sidelines of the news “together with a rapidly evolving economic environment, require an efficient, comprehensive and inclusive all-round approach, involving all those who wish to contribute to the construction of sustainable mobility “.

The four pillars of the Forum. A real public forum, in short, open to mobility and technology providers, academics, politicians and scientists, whose purpose will be to think about solutions regarding the process – in full swing – of decarbonisation of mobility. “Access to clean, safe and affordable mobility for citizens around the world is at stake”, Tavares concludes. Global vision, decision making based on facts, transparency and respect among the participants: these are the four pillars on which the action of the Forum conceived by Stellantis must be based.

The exit of Stellantis from the ACEA. A mission whose definition is accompanied by news published at the same time and anything but negligible. Indeed, from the scope that we do not hesitate to define disruptive: the group’s exit from ACEA, the European association of car manufacturers, which is also the industry’s most important lobbyist on policy in Brussels. It is a real bolt from the blue: the second continental manufacturer in terms of sales and turnover (after Volkswagen), leaves the lobby that should best express its requests, however without apparent signs of internal tension.

“We will continue the collaboration with Acea”. But why did Stellantis make such a decision? Asked about this by Quattroruote, a spokesperson for the group underlined the group’s intention “to pursue collaboration and dialogue with ACEA”, but on the other hand the desire “to be more efficient, direct and concrete in terms of direct confrontation “. Without forgetting the desire to broaden the base of the actors involved on the front: “In ACEA there are no governments, associations, suppliers or experts in the sector who can make a contribution: we limit ourselves to talking between manufacturers”.

Interpretations? Now they are premature. Elements that say little about the onset of any friction with the association: the temptation to identify a link with the recent vote of the European Parliament regarding the stop to sales of cars with internal combustion engines starting from 2035 it is strong, but at this moment it would be a question of speculation without any kind of confirmation. “Stellantis”, the note concludes, “will disclose further details on the Forum at a later date”. And only once the purpose of these new meetings is better clarified will it be possible to provide a more correct reading of this unexpected divorce.

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