"Amazing but true": darling, I'm coming down three days earlier

It starts like any French bourgeois comedy: Alain (Alain Chabat) and Marie (Léa Drucker) buy real estate. Finally, not quite. Because before, in front of the camera, the couple, annoyed, admits not knowing how to “present the subject.” We’re afraid you’re going to think we’re crazy… ”And since they’re the heroes of a Quentin Dupieux movie, the crazy story is guaranteed.

The real estate agent tells them that the large, modern villa has an extraordinary convenience: a well in the cellar with a ladder. The one who goes down the duct – after closing the hatch, it’s like a washing machine, it doesn’t work if the door is open – finds himself on the top floor! Twelve hours later! And, top bonus, he rejuvenated by three days!

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Extra play

From this temporal nexus, a science fiction author is said to have drawn a string of exponential disorders. Quentin Dupieux does not exceed the limits of bourgeois drama in this Amazing but true whose title blooms well the ORTF according to Jacques Martin. Taking his distance with the fierce blackness of the Daim and the baby nonchalance of Jawsit reconnects with the delectable irrationality of Reality, his masterpiece, which he enhances with a satirical charge as relentless as it is hilarious: played by Benoît Magimel, Alain’s boss and boyfriend, vulgar and phallocrat at will, he installed a “dick electronic ”! Made in Japan masterpiece, the extra toy is driven with the smartphone – several speeds, five degrees of rigidity, guaranteed lady happiness! – but stop bugs…

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Marie, frantic, shuttles between the two time stages – a brief calculation tells us that it took her some 4,000 round trips to regain the freshness of adolescence and become a modeling star. As for Alain, he goes fishing and grows old.

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Quentin Dupieux has genius: from a murmurous idea and a silly gag, he draws not only a fable chilling contemporary society, but also a moral tale, according to which happiness lies in the acceptance of his age, a zest of metaphysical terror, a Kafkaesque tendency. The soundtrack, which suggests Bach played the Farfisa, specifies the Martian dimension of the work.

Amazing but trueby Quentin Dupieux (France, Belgium, 2022), with Léa Drucker, Alain Chabat, Benoît Magimel, Anaïs Demoustier, 1:14.

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