BMW M2: i prototipi in pista per allenare i muscoli 

WILL ARRIVE IN 2023 – The project of the new one BMW M2 continues its journey and makes a stop at the Salzburgring: fifteen curves, eight to the right and seven to the left, distributed along a route of 4,241 meters that the testers of the propeller house, in these days, are traveling without ever lifting their foot from the accelerator, pushing the still camouflaged prototypes of the new high-performance version of the Bavarian compact coupe to the maximum, which will be presented in world premiere next October and will land in dealerships in April 2023.

SCREAMING PERFORMANCE – Specifically, the intensive tests on the circuit inaugurated in 1968 in Koppl, near Salzburg, will provide the BMW designers with valuable information in view of the latest modifications of the improvement to the frame. In a brief official note released in the past few hours, the Munich house anticipates that “the new BMW M2 impressed with its exceptional performance “, proving to be able to achieve” in any condition, even at the limit, performance similar to that of the BMW M2 CS “, the most extreme version, produced in only 2,200 units and upgraded to the threshold of 450 HP , of the previous generation M2.

YES, WILL ALSO HAVE MANUAL SHIFT – To ensure “track emotions” at the wheel of the new one BMW M2the most powerful will contribute 6-cylinder engine in the bi-turbo line of the big sisters M3 and M4. The options for the broadcast will be two, with, next to a classic manual transmission six-speed (a real blessing for old-school enthusiasts these days), an eight-speed M Steptronic automatic. There tractionaccording to the purest tradition of the house for this kind of cars, it is on the sun rear wheelscombined with an “adaptive M chassis” about which, for the time being, BMW has not provided further information.

DIET BASED ON CARBON FIBER – From M3 and M4 the new one BMW M2 it also inherits the braking system, which, given the smaller dimensions and weight of the car body, will guarantee very high performance with less effort from the components. Great attention was also paid to the choice of materials during the design phase, with the clear aim of making the car as light as possible. There slimming care it features a roof in carbon fiber and a Spartan cockpit just right, with, on request, the driver and passenger seats in carbon. A racing detail to underline the sporty soul of the new born under the sign of BMW Motorsport.

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