Dash Cam for the car: everything you need to know

Dash Cam for the car: everything you need to know

The Dash Cam for the car are video recording devices to keep inside the passenger compartment and designed to represent a guarantee in the event of an accident, to best reconstruct its dynamics.

However, we must keep in mind that there are regulations in this regard, which if they are violated can cause a real boomerang effect harmful for those who bought the same dash cam.

What is the Dash Cam for the car and why it is used

Unlike the black box, mandatory from July 2022 by the will of the European regulation 2019/20144 and which is a device for recording data relating to vehicle behavior, a Dash Cam is a compact camera that can be placed on the dashboard, windshield or rear window to record what is happening around a car both when it is in motion both when it is stationary. They don’t just apply to cars: for example, they also use them some motorcyclists by placing them on their helmets.

They are equipped with a external memory, removableand when it reaches the memory limit it automatically overwrites the data without ever stopping shooting.

What the law says

If the black box is not only regulated, but it will be absolutely mandatory, There is no real standard on the use of the Dash Cam for the car. It is necessary to mention article 141 of the Highway Code, which states that the driver must always have control of the vehicle and be able to carry out all the maneuvers in safety and with the best visibility. Article 169 follows, which says that in all vehicles the driver must have the most ample freedom of movement to carry out the maneuvers.

Dash Cam for the car

In fact, therefore, there is no prohibition on the use of these objects if they do not limit the driver’s field of visionand its freedom of movement, which is why the dash cam can be used as long as it does not compromise visibility.

The situation is different for the use of images, which are related to European privacy regulations. The owner can therefore make video recordings but is responsible for their conservation and dissemination. It is illegal to broadcast them if the shots show the faces of people and vehicle license plates, which must therefore be previously obscured in post production.

As evidence for accidents

As mentioned, those who use a Dash Cam for the car do so to have irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident in which they are directly or indirectly involved. Article 2712 of the Highway Code expressly states that: “Photographic, computer or cinematographic reproductions, photographic recordings and, in general, any other mechanical representation of facts and things form full proof of the facts and things represented, if the person against whom they are produced does not disavow their conformity to the facts or to the same things “

Dash Cam for the car

Like the images randomly shot by smartphones, or by security cameras, each content is “atypical evidence” if it is not contested by the accused party. However, it is always material subject to the evaluation of the judge, who can decide whether or not a video can be admitted as trial evidence.


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