Ecological transition - The National Center for Sustainable Mobility is born in Milan

Twenty-five universities and twenty-four companies have signed the deed of incorporation of the National Center for Sustainable Mobility in Milan, a new pole proposed by the Milan Polytechnic and intended to accompany the ecological and digital transition of the automotive sector and local institutions, also thanks to investments for 394 million euros until 2025, to 696 dedicated researchers and 574 new hires.

Milanese hub and territorial nodes. In the words of the proponents, the areas and technological spheres of particular interest will be “air mobility; sustainable road vehicles; water transport; rail transport; light vehicles and active mobility”. The center will be responsible for making the mobility system greener as a whole and more “digital” in its management, through lightweight solutions and electric and hydrogen propulsion systems; digital systems for accident reduction; more effective solutions for public transport and logistics; a new model of mobility, as a service, accessible and inclusive. The structure will be set up according to a “Hub & Spoke” configuration, that is with a central point in Milan and 14 nodes distributed in a capillary way from North to South, to guarantee that territorial rebalancing underlying the initiatives indicated by the Pnrr. “The National Center for Mobility – says Ferruccio Resta, rector of the Politecnico di Milano – responds to one of the key missions of the NRP: to move from research to business from a supply chain point of view and extended collaboration. Strengths will be projects with high technological maturity with the specific intent of giving a concrete response to the needs of the country in a long-term perspective that exceeds the deadline of 2026 “.” The Italian Center for Sustainable Mobility is an important initiative in the scenario with universities and leading companies in the sector. Stellantis Mobility and Sustainability Research Center (CRF) will contribute to developing research projects to provide solutions and products for increasingly sustainable mobility in terms of decarbonisation, autonomy and connectivity “, adds Giorgio Cornacchia, director delegate and general manager of the CRF.

The subjects involved. The CRF is, in fact, one of the entities participating in the project, together with Accenture, Atos, Avio Aero, Brembo, Hitachi, Teoresi Group and Thales Alenia Spazio Italia. The research institutions also include the polytechnics of Turin and Bari, as well as the universities of Bergamo, Parma, Turin, Palermo, Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Cagliari, Rome La Sapienza, Federico II, Salerno, Naples Parthenope, Salento, Padua, Pisa. The research bodies of the universities Bicocca, Brescia, Cassino and Southern Lazio, Florence, Genoa, Reggio Calabria, and the Marche Polytechnic also joined. The founders include A2A, Almaviva, Angel Holding, Autostrade, Eni, Ferrari, Fincantieri, Fnm, Fs, Intesa Sanpaolo, Iveco Group, Leonardo, Pirelli, Poste Italiane, UnipolSai, Snam. There will be a total of five national centers, they will be able to access programs funded between 200 and 400 billion and consistent with the priorities of the European research agenda and with the contents of the PNRR 2021-27 and will focus on 5 themes: Simulations, calculation and analysis of high performance data; Agricultural Technologies (Agritech); Development of drugs with RNA technology and gene therapy, Sustainable Mobility; Bio-diversity.

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