Ferrari Purosangue - New sightings on the A1: the countdown continues

Meet a prototype of the Ferrari Thoroughbred by now it no longer makes people shout about the scoop but it is still a symptom of the fact that, very little is missing from the appointment with the SUV of Maranello. The wait is long, not only because it is the first sport utility produced by the Cavallino: this new model will in fact have a very high positioning in the Modenese brand’s portfolio, also justified by some technical solutions such as the choice to focus on the V12 engine. The price, of course, goes accordingly: the rumors speak of a price list between 336 thousand euros of the 812 GTS and 430 thousand of the SF90.

Style, size, weight. We were able to get a fairly precise idea on the design of the car already in previous sightings and, above all, after the publication of the first official teaser: in any case, here you will find ours exclusive graphic reconstructions of the car. With a long bonnet (and the choice of placing nothing less than the twelve-cylinder of the house) and a rear-seated cabin, the Ferrari Purosangue boasts grand touring proportions, pursued since the beginning of the project to differentiate itself unequivocally from the rest of the world. with high wheels. As for dimensions, this super sports car should go beyond five meters with a step of over three meters. In fact, it will become the largest Ferrari ever, with a weight that will gravitate around two tons. But these are rumors that, for now, can only be taken as rumors.

Technical features. Made starting from the new modular aluminum architecture, the Purosangue will benefit from a series of specific components and structural parts: in short, a refined and perfectly designed frame, which will only partially borrow existing structures (the kinship, in particular, is with Roma). To move the car, mounted in a central front position, there will be the 6.5-liter F140 family, for which a power of over 800 horsepower is forecast. The unit will be paired with the eight-speed dual clutch already offered on recent Ferraris and four-wheel drive.

When it comes out. Certain that the Purosangue will be revealed by the end of 2022, it is to be understood in which month of the year the official presentation will take place. The dates are still uncertain, and if before all the clues led to a debut between late autumn and early winter, new rumors have reshuffled the cards, suggesting shorter timelines. There has even been talk of possible new, partial advances on the occasion of Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day, which will be held on Thursday 16 June.

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